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The Autogen Annotator is a powerful tool for modifying the autogen of default ground textures or adding autogen to custom (photo-real) ground.


Setup - FSX

Autogen annotation files for Flight Simulator X have a different format to those of earlier versions.
The Flight Simulator X version of the Annotator tool can read Flight Simulator 2004 autogen annotation files, but will only write them out to the new format.
Flight Simulator X will accept annotated files in both formats.
If you intend that your annotated files run in earlier versions of Flight Simulator, then use the Annotator.exe tool provided with the Flight Simulator 2004 SDK.
If you intend that your annotated files run only on Flight Simulator X, then use the version of the Annotator.exe tool provided with the FSX SDK.

Before using the tool for the first time,
you must copy the default.xml file from the Flight Simulator X/Autogen folder, to the same folder as Annotator.exe.
Note - Ensure you are not using a modified version, otherwise all users will require your modified default.xml.

The Control Strip of the tool requires a screen resolution of at least 1280 by 960.
When the Annotator tool is first started, the Autogen Configuration Editor, and a number of other windows will appear.
Do not attempt to close the Autogen Configuration Editor dialog.
If screen space is crowded, the following windows can be closed -

  • Find Results
  • Find, Properties
  • Groupings
  • Model Entries

Re-open, if necessary, using Configuration Editor menu selections (Edit/Find or View/Windows).
The Autogen Configuration Editor window can be resized to minimize its screen area.



An illustrated guide to the use of the tool, and includes a pictorial guide to all autogen object types.

Where the end file should be saved

Where the end file pops up in FS

Problem Solving

Autogen Annotator components crash after start