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A window displayed on the desktop used to interface with the MS-DOS operating system.
MS-DOS commands are typed at an entry point identified by a blinking cursor.


List of methods to open a command prompt window.

Start menu Run

  • Click Start menu
  • Click the Run button
  • Type cmd in the displayed dialog box.
  • Press OK
  • A command prompt window will be opened.

Now navigate to your required directory/folder location, (use cd command).

MS Cmd Here Powertoy

An automatic method, removing the need to navigate to your required directory/folder location.

  • Adds an Open Command Window Here option to any folder's 'right-click context menu.
  • Resulting Command Window automatically opens in your required directory/folder location.
  • Works with both, any -
    • Folder in Explorer
    • Folder Shortcut, (e.g. a folder on your desktop)
  • Works for both WinXP/Vista.

Download Microsoft's: Cmd Here Powertoy

Windows 7

Hold down the SHIFT key while right-clicking on a folder and you will see a 'Open command window here' option in the context-sensitive menu.

SDK Tools

List of FSX/A SDK's tools that utilise the Command Prompt Window, (aka DOS box).

  • BGLComp - Compiling scenery placement, airport data, & mission rewards
  • Resample - Compiling elevation, land/water class, photoscenery, etc. data.
  • Shp2Vec - Compiling vector data.
  • ImageTool - Imagery format conversion for simobjects & scenery.
  • Simpropcompiler - Compiling XML gauges, autogen related files, & missions.


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