Disappearing textures fix (ASM tweak)

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In the Fs2002 GMax gamepack, it is a common problem that the texture of small objects will disappear too soon. Instead a non-textured version of the object is shown. To "fix" this problem, some people added big invisible polygons under their object, to let Flight Simulator think it is bigger. But there is a much simpler way to fix this problem.

By default MakeMDL sets the texture type to TEXTURE_AIRCRAFT and when you change this to TEXTURE_BUILDING the texture does not disappear anymore. It seems to be the case that these two texture types are processed differently by the scenery engine of Flight Simulator.

There is one drawback to this fix. When you have used reflections on your object, this means that the alpha channel of your texture is used for the reflection, they will no longer work after you changed the texture type. Reflections only work when the texture type is set to TEXTURE_AIRCRAFT.