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This Wiki page gives an overview of the issues when working with ground polygons and the requirements and functionality that a tool to assist with making them should have. As such it is a summary of the discussion in the gPoly forum.


This is a list of the problems when designing ground polygons (with GMax):

  • Requirement to use FS2002 gamepack, which not all developers have access to nowadays
  • Need to tweak intermediate ASM source files to get properly working ground polygons
  • Autogen exclusion caused by the polygons
  • Having night textures on the ground polygons gives trouble in DX10 mode of FSX
  • Difficult to align background images
  • Need to cut polygons in to smaller parts due to FSX earth curvation
  • Can't use FSX rain reflection and bump mapping
  • Need special texture mapping to prevent visible edges
  • Effect of fog disappears for all ground polygons when coming close to reference point


This is a list of the possible functionalities that gPoly could get:

  • Ability to read ground polygons from FS2004/FSX MDL files. gPoly will then create FS2002 style output automatically.
  • Automatically clip polygons to prevent trouble with FSX earth curvation.
  • Import ASM file and do the tweaking with a few mouse clicks
  • Ability to easily draw polygons in a GUI (no need for GMax), for example if you just want to place some ground markings (text) at a certain location.
  • Ability to import source data from other formats (shapefile, autocad, ...).
  • Ability to deal with different projections in data and reproject automatically so that it ends up at the right location in the FS world.
  • Creating of light pool polygons using transparent textures and conditional display.
  • Import GeoTIFF background images
  • Make background images geo references by providing coordinates of control points
  • Create edges around the taxiways to blend them better into the surrounding
  • Place custom PAPI lights (with correct SEPARATION_PLANE settings)
  • Place custom edge lights
  • Place custom runway lights