Installing FS2002 GMax gamepack

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If you only want to install the FS 2002 Gmax-SDK, don't want to make the full installation and have the FS 2004 Gmax-SDK installed, do following:

- Copy file "GMAX.CAB" from CD 2 (FS 2002 professional edition) to a temporary directory. - Uncompress the cab-file: -- Open a command line window (execute cmd.exe) -- cd to the temporary directory -- extract /E

- Open the document "Installing the FS2004 GMax SDK over the FS2002 GMax SDK.rtf" in the gmax\gamepacks\fs2004 directory.

- Follow the instructions in the third bullet "If Gmax was installed from FS2002 installation and was updated to Gmax 1.2...". Get files from the uncompressed files in the temporary directory.

- Start Gmax from the created shortcut file "FS2002.lnk".