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This video shows how you can convert your old API macros into FSX MDL files or 3DS files using the ModelConverterX tool. It covers the following subjects:

  • Introduction to the user interface
  • Overview of the most important options you can set
  • Using the 3D preview to inspect your object
  • Getting more information about the object (e.g. material editor or object information)
  • Doing basic manipulations to the object (e.g. material editor or transformations)
  • Creating LODs using the LOD Creator tool
  • Exporting the object to MDL or 3DS

Besides that the last part of the video also shows you which manipulations you have to do in GMax after you have imported the 3DS file that ModelConverterX made. This includes doing some adjustments to the materials.


Author: Arno Gerretsen
Download this video tutorial (104 MB) to your computer (right click, save as).