Performance for 3D models video tutorial

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This tutorial discusses performance related issues while modelling a 3D model. It has the following content:

  • Introduction to levels of detail, drawcalls and texture vertices
  • Tips on how to optimize the performance of your objects
  • Explanation of the DXT texture compression that is used on almost all textures in FS

Due to a small technical issue during the recording of this tutorial it has been split in two parts and about 10 seconds are missing. In those 10 seconds I was explaining that a smooth shaded cylinder will have the same normal for two faces meeting at one point and that if you ensure the texture mapping is also the same you can share the same texture vertex and thus make your model more efficient.




Author: Arno Gerretsen
Download this video tutorial part 1 (47.4 MB) and part 2 (85.7 MB) to your computer (right click, save as).