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Use this page to suggest topic for new video tutorials. We can not promise that somebody will be able to make a tutorial about everything suggested here, but at least it would be useful to have a wishlist of topics that people have trouble with and would like to see a video tutorial about. Feel free to add your own suggestions!

Types of scenery 
Scenery consists of many elements (airports, 3D objects, terrain, etc), this tutorial would give you an introduction to them and make you more aware of what you can do with each of them.
Conditional animations (FS2004) 
Show how to make an animated hangar door and how to condition it using the CAT tool
Ground poly 
Learn how to create, export and texture a ground poly.
Making textures 
How to make a good texture for a 3D object
Using Sketchup for FSX 
How to use Sketchup to make a model for FSX
how to make smoke, fire, etc
Texturing in GMax 
How to texture an object with all the FSX specific options (bump maps, specular maps, etc)
Add your topic 
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