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Compiling source files for Flight Simulator is something that is quite a hurdle for some users. An often heard complaint on the forums is that BGLComp or BGLC only flash shortly with a black window, but no output is being created. This happens when the user simply drops his source file on the compiler.

In most of these cases the compiler is trying to tell the user about something that went wrong, for example a syntax error in the source file. But the compilers have been designed as command prompt applications and therefore do not support drag and drop operations.

CompileHelper has been made to solve these problems. If you drop your source files on CompileHelper it will call the compiler for you in the background. And the output of the compiler will be presented to you in a dialog. This way you don't have to work with the command prompt yourself. So let's see how it works.


Just unzip the file you downloaded to a folder of your choice. That's all! For ease of use you might want to put a shortcut to CompileHelper on your desktop.


All you need to do is drop your source file on CompileHelper or on a shortcut that points to the tool. If you have not specified the path to the compiler needed for the source file before, you will get the options dialog where you can specify it (see below for details). Else the compiler will start and soon you will get a dialog with the messages from the compiler. So if there is an error during the compilation you will be able to see it.

Ch2 outputlog.jpg

When compiling ASM files CompileHelper will try to determine if it is FS2002 or FS2004 ASM code. In the first case the output will be a BGL file, in the second case it will be a MDL file. If you by accident drop the _0 ASM file you will also be told.


If you start CompilerHelper by double clicking on the executable or if you dropped a source file on it that does not have the compiler path specified you will get the options dialog. In this dialog you can specify the paths to the following compilers that are supported:

  • BGLC_9
  • BGLComp for FS2004
  • BGLComp for FSX

There is also an option to determine whether XML files are compiled with the FS2004 or FSX BGLComp.

Ch2 options.jpg

Support and feedback

If you have problems, questions or suggestions about CompileHelper, please contact me. Or drop a message on the FSDeveloper forums.

Users license

(c) 2009 / Arno Gerretsen

This software program is distributed without charge to other scenery designers, redistribution of the program is allowed.

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