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    FSX New airport

    Pretty sure you have to add a runway start point. Right click in ADE then click add then runway start. Select the runway to add it for and repeat for all the runway start positions.
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    P3D v4 Red ribbon towed

    Is that with all aircraft or only that one?
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    How Do I Make Transparency (see through) for FSX?

    I would imagine you could just make the background of the texture image transparent in gimp or whatever program you are using to edit the textures. (And then be sure to save in the correct format that is compatible with transparency). I could be wrong though, been awhile since I've done this.
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    P3D v4 Prepar3D Version 5 - April 14

    Lol. That's a great feature for sure... but it seems odd that's the only big thing. And even then it's not as big as something like dynamic lighting etc. I think their best way to compete with FS2020 would be to include upgraded scenery everywhere, as well as maybe better aircraft. Seems to...
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    P3D v4 Prepar3D Version 5 - April 14

    Interesting. Doesnt look like any extremely major features or anything.... wonder what their plans are to compete with FS2020 ....
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    Cinematographer Mode in Prepar3D V4?

    Also interested to see...
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    AOA indicator for GAs

    Yes that makes sense, I do remeber it acting a bit like a VS indicator just marked as an AOA. I'm glad you found a gauge though! As far as getting it to work in the A2A 182, I'm sure there is a way. Im not very proficient with gauges so I don't know, but maybe someone else has some ideas...
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    AOA indicator for GAs

    I downloaded this freeware aircraft (Icon A5 linked below) and noticed it had an AOA indicator, maybe if you install this aircraft you might be able to take the gauge from it and add it into the A2A 182 using fspanelstudio or something (or even just doing it manually), but I am not sure how the...
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    So long Bombardier jets..............

    Textron owns everything these days
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    All electric DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver float plane

    Electric planes will be interesting. I'm sure they will be simpler to maintain, having less small parts etc, run smoother, be quieter. But batteries are heavy and getting a battery that lasts long enough and doesn't overweight the airplane could be a slight challenge. Batteries dont get...
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    What's the Problem with FS!

    I see it now. Maybe they are beginning to replace fspilotshop with this store? I would imagine that would be the case. I wouldn't see a reason for there to be 2 store under the same management.
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    What's the Problem with FS!

    I belive the store associated with was fspilotshop. I might be wrong but I don't think has a store. It was fspilotshop.
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    Bet there isn't a simmer world wide that would not be envious of this

    That's some airline for letting him do that. I would expect they would require much more than his ID and pilots licence.
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    FSDev forum deleted draft of pending post ?

    I've always found that save draft button to be somewhat unreliable.... when it saves the draft automatically it seems to work but when i hit save draft it doesn't always work. I usually just paste the contents of any post I intend to post later to a txt file for safe keeping.
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    FSXA BN2A MKIII Trislander

    How is this trilsander coming? haven't heard anything in a while. Just checking in as I am very interested in this aircraft. thanks, Caleb