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    All electric DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver float plane

    Electric planes will be interesting. I'm sure they will be simpler to maintain, having less small parts etc, run smoother, be quieter. But batteries are heavy and getting a battery that lasts long enough and doesn't overweight the airplane could be a slight challenge. Batteries dont get...
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    What's the Problem with FS!

    I see it now. Maybe they are beginning to replace fspilotshop with this store? I would imagine that would be the case. I wouldn't see a reason for there to be 2 store under the same management.
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    What's the Problem with FS!

    I belive the store associated with was fspilotshop. I might be wrong but I don't think has a store. It was fspilotshop.
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    Bet there isn't a simmer world wide that would not be envious of this

    That's some airline for letting him do that. I would expect they would require much more than his ID and pilots licence.
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    FSDev forum deleted draft of pending post ?

    I've always found that save draft button to be somewhat unreliable.... when it saves the draft automatically it seems to work but when i hit save draft it doesn't always work. I usually just paste the contents of any post I intend to post later to a txt file for safe keeping.
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    FSXA BN2A MKIII Trislander

    How is this trilsander coming? haven't heard anything in a while. Just checking in as I am very interested in this aircraft. thanks, Caleb
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    FSX Global Lighting Changes

    Ok, this answers my questions. Thanks
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    FSX Global Lighting Changes

    Ok, thanks. Does anyone know any way of doing a global change to all airports? Thanks
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    FSX Global Lighting Changes

    I am planning to create an addon that replaces all standard FSX default runway/taxiway lights across all airports with custom models and a custom effects. Would anyone know if this is something AFLT can do? Thanks.
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    FlightSim Community Survey 2018 (15,000 Respondents)

    really interesting...
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    P3D v3 Runway Show Through GP?

    I will do this. Thanks.
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    P3D v3 Animation Modeling Program

    Great, I will use blender! Thanks.
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    P3D v3 Runway Show Through GP?

    Does anyone know a way to get a runway to show through a ground poly that covers the runway area in ADE? Make an GP exclusion poly of some kind or elevate the runway above the GP maybe? Thanks
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    Photoreal Imagery For Small Areas?

    I found that too. I am very happy at it being that high resolution. :) Thanks for the great information everyone.
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    Photoreal Imagery For Small Areas?

    Yep I found that same place and was going to download all the tiffs and see which one I needed, but you told me, saving me a lot of work. :) I can't find anything saying I can't redistribute it, so i will use that. Thanks for your help everyone.