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    I wanted to create a girder structure onto which there is a glass outer layer. Rather than add loads of polygons creating the complex structure, I just created a box and made it transparent. The result is a transparent box within another transparent box, and it doesn't work. Each box works...
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    Mirror Object in GMAX

    Thanks so much for your help. All detached successfully.
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    Mirror Object in GMAX

    Having mirrored an object, is there a way of splitting the object back into two? I want to create opening doors - think French Doors in a house - but once mirrored, it seems to become a single entity.
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    Flights over International Date Line

    Sounds good, many thanks.
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    Flights over International Date Line

    Hi Don, I am entering real world flights from Cargolux which cross the date line. Flights from Asia to North America are affected since they arrive before they have left so to speak. I have a flight from Hong Kong to Anchorage which departs at 16:34 on a Sunday which is 00:24 in Anchorage...
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    FSX Well I didn't expect that-Lost my customized approaches

    I wanted to look at original Microsoft approaches to make sure an assumption I'd made was correct. I Opened the stock KORD, found the information, then returned to work on my revised KORD. To my horror, all the approaches I had written are gone, along with the waypoints that I'd had to add...
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    FSX Temporary Runway Removal

    Thanks Tom, sounds like a plan.
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    FSX Temporary Runway Removal

    KORD has just discontinued use of RW 15-33, and is currently using it as a taxiway. Eventually a new runway will come into use, so I don't want to delete or orphan the ILS or Runway as I'm sure the frequencies & ID codes will be reused - so the orphans will prevent me creating replacements...
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    Writing Airport Approaches in Airport Design Editor Version 1

    Having struggled to remember the steps and codes on numerous occasions, I have created this document to aid my memory, so it seemed like a good idea to share it. The late Jim Vile put a lot of valuable info on this site relating to what the codes do, so I haven't duplicated that.
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    FSX Create Line of Model Objects?

    Excellent, thanks. That really helps, managed to place some on the third attempt. Amazing the code that is available both free and payware.
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    FSX Create Line of Model Objects?

    Thanks Don. Didn't even know this software existed, looks awesome. (Sorry lived in the States a bit too long)
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    FSX Create Line of Model Objects?

    I have created a model of a Jersey Barrier. They are the concrete lane dividers that are used during road construction. Each is 10 ft long, and sometimes a fence is added on top. While laboriously placing them, it occurred to me that ADE places fences using a drag draw method, which would be...
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    FSXA Did I kill a parking space?

    Might be worth checking that the wingspan parameter for the aircraft is correct and within the size for the gate. If the AI aircraft came from World of Aircraft for instance, the value is often wrong and causes all sorts of mayhem.
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    FSX Can I create traffic in ADE yes/no

    This is probably rather late for you, but you can create working freeway traffic by using SBuilder. Draw your roads - I use GP roads I've created myself - in ADE and compile. Make a note of the number of vertices you used to create the GP Road. Launch FSX and position the Microlight over the...
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    Trying to Create stand numbers on the taxiway.

    These may not be complete for your project, but I created them for a couple of large airports. You should unzip the folder then copy the contents of each of the two folders into the corresponding folders in your MSFS folder under the latest version of ADE that you are using. You will then need...