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    New AI ship for sim oceans

    Thank you lionheart. I'm glad you like the ships. Even more can be found on the SimDocks website
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    New AI ship for sim oceans

    7 new ships for the North and Baltic Sea On the SimDocks website there are now 7 new ships (3 models in 7 liveries) for the North Sea and Baltic Sea for download (registration required). These are RoRo vessels of the MSG-113 class used by Finnlines and DFDS. Further information can be found on...
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    Hurghada Airport | HRG | HEGN

    Like Bremen, Hurghada looks incredibly real again. Excellent work.
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    P3D v4 Project Africa

    I tested Egypt with the Suez Cannel and ship Traffic. Works wonderfully. Great work.
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    P3D v4 ZBAD PKX Beijing New Airport

    Fantastic work
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    Toliara Airport (FMST)

    Small but beautifully made and also an interesting destination.
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    P3D v4 LMML Malta Luqa - WIP

    Hello, Rainer, it pleases me if I can contribute to bring even more life into your wonderful scenery.
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    New AI ship for sim oceans

    Hi jacklyon, the registration on the SimDocks website is active. However, there are some problems with Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer. The browser does not forward the entered data to the database. If you use one of both browsers, try another one (e.g. Firefox, Opera or Chrome). Then it...
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    New AI ship for sim oceans

    New AI vessel with Mediterranean and Black Sea routes The SimDocks "Atlantic Glory" is the model of a typical mega yacht for multi-billionaires. The model comes as freeware download (registration required) with 5 different paintwork finishes and ship names. The ships are suitable for P3D...
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    P3D v3 Global AI Ship Traffic FSX and P3D

    Hello, Henrik, my congratulations to the now even more upgraded ship traffic and especially to the great manual. I know how much work that was. Thank you for making the Sim Seas so lively.
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    P3D v4 VFR Mallorca

    Hi Matthias, to create ship traffic I can help you. A complete guide on how to create shipping traffic can be found HERE (English and Deutsch). If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
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    Glass reflection effect

    Hello Otavio, many thanks for the video. I'll have to experiment a bit until I've got it the way I want it to be. With the scenery of the port of Hamburg I decided to leave out the reflections, because most of the time you just fly over the port. In future scenarios, however, the reflections...
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    Ai Ship Special Effects

    Hi tgycgijoes, I've been working with AI ships for a few years now, but unfortunately I don't know of any script that can trigger effects time-controlled - if I could use something like that very well. The only possibility I can think of right now is to create the sound file for the desired...
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    Glass reflection effect

    Hi guys, I have a question about the texture setting "Use global environment map as refelction" in the MCX. I would like to use this setting for large glass areas. However, the effect is too violent for me. Many of the window panes appear in complete white (see picture below). So my question...