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    P3D v4 Textures bleeding through

    Hi Martin, the "peeling" issue usually has to do with the complexity of the local landclass polygons, for example if one polygon wraps around another on three sides or several complex polys overlap. Usually, splitting those polys into simpler shapes will get rid of the issue. Cheers, Holger
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    Roads with vector autogen doesnt show

    Hi there, vector autogen only displays if the underlying landclass also has active autogen. Thus, if the road vectors cross an area without any autogen buildings or vegetation (desert, shrubland, etc.) then there won't be any roadside signs or lights either. Perhaps that's your issue? Cheers...
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    P3D v4 Low res photoscenery on small distances

    Hi Matthias, just to confirm, LOD13 is the minimum required to avoid local land or waterclass from taking over near the user aircraft. Moreover, for water PR I've found that a minimum compression quality value of 90 is required, meaning actually higher than the typical 85 for land PR. That's...
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    Hi guys, I don't want to drag this side-discussion on but Dick's statement is incorrect, at least for FSX/P3D. It's entirely possible to create ground texture tiles with higher resolution; I've attached an image comparing a standard 1024px with a 2048px using the same source. While the lossy...
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    WGS84 imagery stretched

    Hi guys, most source imagery is supplied in a metric projection, like UTM, with the pixels having the same dimension in meters, like 1m or 0.5m. Once this gets converted to Geographic/WGS84 the units change to decimal degrees and the X and Y dimensions are no longer the same because the...
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    WGS84 imagery stretched

    Hi there, the trick is to ensure that the pixel dimensions are equal in the X and Y directions. Global Mapper offers this option when exporting imagery ("always generate square pixels") and other GIS packages should do so as well. The downside is that this increases your working image size by a...
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    P3D v4 Water Mask / Blend Mask / Gimp 2..I still don't get it

    Hi Robert, anything painted in black in your blendmask will not be displayed as your photoreal source. Thus, removing the three black lake sections from your blendmask while leaving them in your watermask should give you the desired result, meaning displaying the lakes as they are in the image...
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    P3D v4 Germany Photoreal

    Hi Matthias, interesting, those are much more generous conditions than I remember from when I last checked. I suppose the geospatial market is increasingly shifting to 3D content, which seems to be their new "prohibited conduct" type of data (If you think commercial imagery is expensive try...
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    P3D v4 Germany Photoreal

    Hi Matthias, what orthoimagery are you planning on using? As far as I know the only public-domain/open data sources are a few German states (though with quite a patchwork of dates) and then the low-resolution stuff like Sentinel or Landsat. Anything else would need to be licensed at a cost of...
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    Mount St. Helens pre-1980 terrain - issues with display after compiling

    Hi there, have you looked at the compiled bgl in TMFViewer? The "moat" along parts of the outer edges may be an issue with incorrect or invalid data. Also, a FractionBits value of "6" removes six bits from the 16-bit signed integer range in the compiled bgl and thus might not be sufficient to...
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    Editing Map Properties

    Hi there, I'd delete the map -- click on its outer edge or use Select > All Maps (if it's the only map in the project) -- and then re-import. Cheers, Holger
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    P3D v4 Water blend mask - Gradient issues

    Hi again, see my banding-free examples below. The first two screenshots show 10-m Sentinel2 imagery, upsampled to 5m (needs to be compiled at LOD14 anyway) and the third 1-m USGS imagery compiled at LOD16. I'm not doing anything special with the blendmask. I select the desired outer extent...
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    P3D v4 Water blend mask - Gradient issues

    Hi there, how high did you go with the compression value? In my experience it needs to be at least 90 for PR water to avoid visible banding. Cheers, Holger
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    Landclass semi-transparent?

    Hi Arno, was that in response to my post? I know what you're trying to achieve and my post was in regard to the raster landclass/waterclass preview tiles, which block the underlying background map from view. They are located in \Tools\Bmps and are, natively, in jpg format. Cheers, Holger
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    Landclass semi-transparent?

    Hi Arno, that's a good question but I don't think it's possible. It is somewhat annoying having to exit the landclass tool to be able to see the full image again. And the tile previews in the \Tools\Bmps folder are in jpg format so those wouldn't support transparency. Then again, I haven't...