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    FSX Dooranimation

    Hi Arno, sorry for my late response. Thank your for your information. Perhaps we find in future another solution.
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    Unknown error message

    Hi Helli, one object has a wrong scaling factor. Please try this. Click on the Commandpanel on "Hierarchy" and click the last button. "Reset: Scale" Normaly this was the solution. I hope, it works for you.
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    FSX Dooranimation

    Hi Jörg, hhmm... your EDFO is only a FS9 airport, or? This animation works also in FSX? I think, i must send you a german PM, it's a little easier for me ;)
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    FSX Dooranimation

    Hi, has someone expirience with animated hangardoors in FSX? After the Acc.Pack (incl. SP2) is arrived, so is start my works for FSX. And as in FS9 before, i want to create also an animated hangardoor. In FS9 i use successfull the CAT Tool from Arno. But this tool don't work for now. I...
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    Mirroring Parts in Max/GMax for Flight Simulator

    Hi Bill, though i'm not an aircraft designer, are your tutorials very great and usefull. Many thanks for this. :)
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    FSX Texture troubles

    Hi Martin, you are my "hero" :D Yes, this was the resaon. Now it works. Many thanks. @Bill Thanks for your Explanation. I figured it was going to be something like that.
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    FSX Texture troubles

    Hi Martin, i think, this is a good hint. Today i'll try it. Hmm.... i must search the SDK again, to find any info about the textures, there should be an info about this. Perhaps i've overlook this. Thanks and i give a feedback if it works.
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    FSX Texture troubles

    Hi all, i hope, anyone has an idea and has a tip for my problem. I spend about 2weeks to solve this, but nothing works. Here you can a simple house in GMAX with the mapped textures: It looks always correct, but when i export this house and place it in FSX, it looks like this...
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    size in gmax/fs2004

    Hi Tabbi, with which tool you have place your object? With InstantScenery or with EZ-Scenery? If so, please check, if you have a correct scale factor. In the past i have some troubles with this. I played with the scale and after this i forgot to set it to 1. Perhaps this is the reason for you?
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    XtoMDL problem

    Hi Thorsten, it's only an idea, perhaps it works. Run the "ConfigSDK.exe" again and try it again.
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    Making an animated 3D-marshaller

    Hi Gianni, sure. You can do this also with GMAX, perhaps not so easy as in 3DS MAX, but it should feasible in GMAX. In the meanwhile i have Poser6, but nothing knowledge about this great tool. :( Perhaps we see us on the weekend in skype ;)
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    Library Creator XML 2.0.1 released

    Hi Arno, many thanks for this helpfully tool :)
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    Scenery design with Google Earth

    Jim, you're right, but Burkhards program is a little bit older ;)
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    How to convert files into gmax files

    @Marcello You have a PM ;)
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    How to convert files into gmax files

    Can Sketchup export 3DS Files? If so, then you can import this in GMAX. GMAX can import 3DS, PRJ, DXF and SHP Files.