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    Improvement suggestions

    Have a look at this sample Shows how to make an extrusion bridge.
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    FSX_KML and Windows 7

    Here's a copy of my FSX_KML.ini file, change the paths to suit your installation. Not really sure where it should go under Windows 7 (maybe things have changed), I would just in the C:\Windows directory. Otherwise if that doesn't work try putting it in the same directory as the FSX_KML exe...
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    FSX_KML and Windows 7

    You could edit the FSX_KML.INI file using notepad. It's in the windows directory. You should see something similar to below (there are many other lines but I've just listed the FWToolsFolder for brevity). [Options] FWToolsFolder=C:\Program Files\FWTools
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    FSX Is FS_KML dead?

    I'm still around, the code is still Delphi (not C#). Anyone here know delphi?
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    You can't edit elevations in FSX KML so you would need to use some other tool to create a "mesh" for that area. SRTM2BGL would do it if you have access to the NASA SRTM data or failing that some other tool that lets you "manually" edit the mesh data (SBuilderX???).
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    FSX_KML and Windows 7

    Unfortunately I don't have Windows 7 (yet) so I can't test. But maybe you could try running it under the "XP Compatibility" mode. That might solve the problem?
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    compile many bgl to one bgl file ??

    If you create a single KML file then FSX_KML will create a BGL for vector scenery and another for landclass "tile" scenery. Google Earth supports virtual "folders" within a KML so that you can organise your KML into seperate parts, eg a virtual "folder" for landclass tiles, another "folder"...
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    FSX KML Tutorial/Samples

    I don't understand why there would be bleed-thru. If you remove everything from your addon scenery folder except the photoscenery bgl, how does it look then? When ive done photoscenery for a coastal area there is no bleed thru of underlying FSX shorelines/landclass. Maybe something...
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    FSX KML Tutorial/Samples

    I think you would need to redo the shape of the coast. Exclude water and shorelines then put water and shorelines back in the correct shape (so that they match your photoscenery shoreline).
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    FSX KML Tutorial/Samples

    I haven't checked your KML and am not sure about your photoscenery, but to remove the default islands you should be able to just cover them with a water poly. The elevation mesh should still be there however the ocean should appear flat since it doesn't affect water polys. If you want the...
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    FSX KML Tutorial/Samples

    To understand what FSX is doing try this... 1. Draw a polygon around the airport and tag with Exclude__WaterPolys Build your BGL and have a look at what FSX has done. You should see that it has excluded water (ie exposed the land) for a much larger area than the polygon you drew. The is...
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    New version!!

    Hi Carlos, Sorry this has taken so long.... yes its still coming, is there any new feature in particular that you would really like? The main ones for me are ability to multi tag a single polyline/polygon, better tag searching, and "projects" whereby multiple KML files are supported better.
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    New version!!

    Yes... I've been looking at it, not bad, but I'm not doing a version for XPlane.
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    Creating Island

    The draw order is determined by the RenderPriority in the FSX terrain.cfg file. But its not a good idea to change those settings as they are global and will affect all BGLS. Also, are you sure that only your new "combined" bgl is begin loaded and not older bgls you may have created for the...
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    Beginner FML problems

    I don't run Vista, but the access denied message could be that FSX has the BGL locked. You could exit FSX or just unload the scenery by deselecting the "Add On Scenery" directory in the FSX scenery area setup dialog. Re the path error you can turn off the FSX KML option "Run SDK Tools" and...