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    Reposition Airport

    Sure, look here's a link: Rotating an airport
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    Reposition Airport

    Yes, you can edit the satellite image to match actual FS airport location....but that's backwards. You should use ADE to move the airport.
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    Change Runway/Background Design

    ADEx is the correct tool (or one of many) to create custom runways, via the Ground Poly Wizard. This is highly documented in this website. Take your time and go through the GP tutorials provided by ADE, and go through the articles here on FSD.
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    KCIC? $1500-$3000. Basic professional quality.
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    Having troubles with Airport Mesh

    I did an airport a few years ago where I was having somewhat similar issues. I also used 5M elevation data with QGIS. My approach was a little bit different. I capped, or sliced the terrain via flatten at an altitude I thought could be a good "start", and essentially made it look like a top...
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    Freeware dev wanted

    I'm really amazed how some just find any opportunity to come BS. Nothing productive ever comes out of it. I for one...THANK YOU for producing the BEST online video tutorials ever made for FS. Believe me if I had the chance I would LOVE to collaborate with you. After all, you'd be providing free...
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    Congrats to Arno...

    Arno has got to be the biggest influence on all of us..specially through his brilliant tool MCX ...if Arno had a $1 for evey time "compile" is clicked. ;-)
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    P3D v4 Oakland International Airport

    Will this be freeware?
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    Customise Jetways?

    No, you can't. The way the texture map is used is repetitive on all jetway sides. If you add a stripe, or any markings to the jetway wall, it will reappaear at the top. bottom, and opposite side. I agree. the default jetway is very simplistic.......but good luck modelling one on Gmax! Possibly...
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    Customise Jetways?

    5) You can take the default FS Jetways and create a new object out of them that looks significantly better....but you would be limited to single stripes.
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    And my BIGGEST hope is that they simplify 3D lights (for runways, light posts, etc) and CTL-J I was never a fan of having to use 3rd party for animations to function properly. Unfortunately, per the preliminary display, jetways still look like &$it. LOL
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    I am willing to drop all my FSX/P3D knowledge and relearn EVERYTHING for a chance to develop for this platform.
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    P3D v3 ScenProc First Pass!

    I agree but it's kind of a pain because when you distribute your scenery, you have to provide the new library entries and they have to go on several specific folders. If you do custom installers I guess it's ok, but my sceneries are "manual installs" so I'm betting on my users to install...
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    P3D v3 ScenProc First Pass!

    You are right Arno, I did that for the walls. For the roofs I found the master roof texture for my region and I backed up the original one, and created a new one.....which obviously affects roof textures for the whole region......but I was ok with that. David
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    P3D v3 ScenProc First Pass!

    I created a custom texture sheet and I think I added a code using scenproc to force use it. All my buildings are stock. David