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    Another angle on Gmax Gorund Polygons

    Looking forward to the results of your or anyone's experiments. Thanks, Rell
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    Another angle on Gmax Gorund Polygons

    I'm not talking about creating an entire airport surface environment here, but rather adding small "detail" polygons to the xml generated surfaces. FSX shipped with a number of these type of polygons in the default libraries that can be placed with the object placement tool...
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    Error by launching FS: "9.199... is greater than 3.000..."

    Have you attached any new or altered effects to your object? I get this error when an effects variable is not set op properly. Rell
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    Normal Maps with Painshop Pro

    The FSX materials documents states that the dds textures were created with a Nvidia plugin for Adobe Photoshop. I've tried to get this to work with Paintshop Pro 7 with no luck. I Can use image tool to create the dds textures, but I'm really interested in creating normal (bump) maps. Is ther any...
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    FSX SDK, Gmax And 3dsmax Compatibility

    :) Good news ! Thank's, Rellek
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    FSX SDK, Gmax And 3dsmax Compatibility

    Are the 3dsmax files included with the beta Modeling SDK compatible with Gmax? If not, will a Gmax gamepack be released for FSX? :scratchch Thanks for any info Rellek
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    RemoveTerraBuilder Mesh Module

    I thought I'd try this but when I unistalled, It still seems to be lurking some where in my files. It pops up whenever I start gmax and won't let me start a new file with out opening an old one first, then deleting the data and renaming it. I tried to reinstall and then unistall thru...
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    Material Navigator won't open

    That did the the trick! Thanks!
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    Material Navigator won't open

    Thanks for the reply Arno. How do I edet the ini file? I'm using the 2004 gamepack right now and I looked at the configuration file in that folder but could only find settings for the material editor and not the navigator. Perhaps I'm Looking in the wrong place?:scratchch Rellek
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    Material Navigator won't open

    The Material navigator won't open. :confused: I didn't change anything that I'm aware of. The Material Editor pops up fine. Any ideas?
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    AFCAD Lighting

    Her is a snipit of xml code for KSFO AF2 file for Fly Tampa's scenery. The code was obtained through the use of bglxml 180. I did a lot of experimenting with this afcad as far changing the runway and approach lights and no matter what I did, the lights in the scenery remained unchanged...
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    I want to compile af2 files that I converted from bgl file using BGLtoXML. I just want to play and tinker. I will try to change the read only file. Thanks Arno
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    bglc.xsd I want to alter the bglc.XSD file so that I can experiment and compile my own AF files. How do I save my changes? I can open with notepad but When I save I get a message that it is "read only " and to "check path" I want to add the lines that are needed as per the bglxml...
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    Graduation Congrats Arno!

    Congrats Arno and best wishes for your future from Southern California! :wave: Rellek
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    Rotate with wind in XML?

    Forgot about the Animations and rotation :( Rellek