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    MSFS MSFS Asobo Official Blender exporter

    Thanks for clearing that up :-) Rotorhub
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    MSFS MSFS Asobo Official Blender exporter

    I can't see the "Migrate Material Data" button. Is it still present in version 1.1.6?
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    MSFS2020 development partner wanted for my Jet Provost T.4

    I am looking for someone dedicated towards MSFS2020, to rebuild my Jet Provost for this platform. https://secure.simmarket.com/sim-mech-jet-provost-t.4-xs186-p3dv4.phtml I have already got some time with the new SDK, and I have done some testing with the model as is. The current model is...
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    MSFS Geometry: wing_area , aileron_area , htail_area , elevator_area , confusion

    I agree with Roy ans WarpD. You can not compare the efficiency in this manner. Your 0.9 span with the same area, is more or less a full span trimtab on steroids. I prefer to use real data in the aerodynamic cfg, and then tweak other parameters/coefficients to achieve the desired behaviour.
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    MSFS Geometry: wing_area , aileron_area , htail_area , elevator_area , confusion

    Can odd placed or multiple ailerons be realistically simulated? Or is it more a matter of getting the roll rate tweaked to match the performance of the plane? I know that the SDK have some spoileron variables that might be useable, but I have never looked at it. "Hershey bar" wings are the...
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    MSFS Geometry: wing_area , aileron_area , htail_area , elevator_area , confusion

    I did a rough CAD drawing of the MSFS 2020 Cessna 152 main wing and ailerons. The numbers match up with the config. The ratio is set to 0.6, which corresponds well with a visual estimation of the wing. 60% of the semi span (trailing edge) is aileron. The rest is the flap. 60% of the semi span...
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    P3Dv4.5 - Adding Wipers ONLY to Virtual cockpit

    Hi, Matthias, I have only done this with props and hoods, but the principle should be the same. You will need to create your own animated interior model, or modify an existing one for your personal use. You should look into the advanced 737-800 VC by Alejandro Rojas Lucena. The model can be...
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    MSFS Geometry: wing_area , aileron_area , htail_area , elevator_area , confusion

    If you know the ailron span and the area, you can determine its approximate physical dimension and mean chord (simplified). As i understand, it aileron_span_outboard is measured from the wing tip and inwards (This is the ratio of wing length from the tip to the end of the aileron surface.) In...
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    MSFS Geometry: wing_area , aileron_area , htail_area , elevator_area , confusion

    My understanding is that ailrons are included in the total wing area. I don't think it is any different than prior versions and P3D. wing_area Total area of the top surface of the wing from tip-to-tip, in sqft. There are no comments of exclusions in the SDK. The wing_area also includes the...
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    MSFS Geometry: wing_area , aileron_area , htail_area , elevator_area , confusion

    Hi lamaflieger, I always use some CAD tool to determine areas and distances from the appropriate reference point. Just guesstimating the 3 view drawings of the 152, the dimensions are not far apart. htail_area Area of the static part of the horizontal stabilizer (not counting the elevator...
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    $VC Textures Programming

    I am not sure if what you would like to do is easily done, without more experience. That is my humble opinion based on my own learning curve. The $vc texture is the mapped polygon, where your 2D gauge information is presented. This can be any type of 2D gauge or switch rendered on the mapped...
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    NH90 Helicopter 1.0

    This is a low poly NH90 helicopter, suitable for ai or as a static model. The model file is Blender v2.83. Texture mapping is very simple, so you would probably need to do your own. There are no animations at this time. You can use this model source in your MSFS, X-Plane and Prepar3D creations...
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    MSFS MSFS Developers

    Very well summarized. At least I have had ample time to rediscover X-Plane, while waiting to see if this platform is maturing in the right direction. P3D V5.3 is very good news!
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    Xreader fails in version DEV 19.11.2021

    Brilliant solution! Thank you very much.:)
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    Xreader fails in version DEV 19.11.2021

    Hi Arno, I have not used MCX in a while, so I was not familiar with these changes. I can probably find my way around this, without creating more work for you.