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  1. scruffyduck

    MSFS ADE MSFS 2020 download

    It's a bit fiddly but you need to get Alpha 21 installed now First install the main alpha 21 and HF 4 from here into a new folder https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/ade-2020-alpha-21-hotfix-4.454244/ followed by HF5...
  2. scruffyduck

    Don Grovestine [Gadgets] Passed Away

    Most of you will know of Don and his brilliant software. We have known for a while that Don was running out of time and it finally did on August 3rd. Personally I will miss him greatly first as a friend and second as a software developer creating programs to enhance the simulator experience...
  3. scruffyduck

    ADE Compile errors

    The problem appears to be that there is a value for surface which the compiler schema does not understand (122). Please post the project file (.ad4) which is showing this error. Please also tell me the source for this - did you create it from stock or from a third party bgl file or from...
  4. scruffyduck

    ADE Compile errors

    Are you using the latest version of the SDK that matches the installed sim version?
  5. scruffyduck

    scenery objects issue

    OK. The first thing to understand is that ADE does not extract library objects from the bgl files. This is a deliberate anti 'pirating' measure so that others are discouraged from extracting the models for use elsewhere with ADE. The result is what you see. I have only partially tested this...
  6. scruffyduck

    scenery objects issue

    I would try and help if I understood what is going on. It all seems remarkably complicated. I have no idea what a hybrid bgl is - it is not a term I have ever used. I think that this is about a third party addon airport but I don't see a link to the actual package. I assume the main bgl...
  7. scruffyduck

    ADE For P3Dv4 is Not Compiling my 3rd Party Airport File

    Can you post the ADE project file you created for this so we can check it,
  8. scruffyduck

    FSX (Can I) Combine multiple scenery BGL files?

    https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/library-creator-xml.86/ may be able to do this. I don't know if it needs mdl files rather than bgl files containing the object(s) Someone else may have a better answer. Also Arno is on vacation I think but is probably back soon
  9. scruffyduck

    Eliminate Autogen P3D4

    Are you using a background image in your project?
  10. scruffyduck

    How to Remove a Duplicate Airport

    Where you tell it to go?
  11. scruffyduck

    MSFS Coloured taxi lines in ADE?

    The color of a painted line is based on the line type this can be accessed by the property grid.
  12. scruffyduck

    MSFS Coloured taxi lines in ADE?

    I think most of the lines like that are made with painted lines
  13. scruffyduck

    P3D v5 Airport boundary data available via ADE?

    I think the answer is no. Without digging back into the code I don't recall any decompile of these EDIT I found the code for boundaries in the source but I don't see any way to access it or draw boundaries. They 'might' be expressed in the XML but I would an example airport bgl containing a...
  14. scruffyduck

    Object Library?

    Do you mean adding objects to the sim or ADE or both. If you have ADE installed then there is an online help which has a section on adding objects http://scruffyduck.org.uk/ade_2020_help/SceneryObjects.html. The online help is accessible from the help menu
  15. scruffyduck

    Object Library?

    Have you looked in the Library Object Manager in ADE for MSFS? It ships with most of the base objects from MSFS and you can use these in your scenery