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Recent content by scruffyduck

  1. scruffyduck

    ADE ILS DME Location

    When you create an ILS with ADE it will set the GS and DME on the US pattern but as Herve says, just move them to the AIP location
  2. scruffyduck

    ADE ILS DME Location

    You are welcome I can certainly select and drag the DME which is displayed as an open rectangle
  3. scruffyduck

    How to put runway distance markers

    Tom is correct - ADE does not show all the markings but they should appear in sim when set
  4. scruffyduck

    ADE ILS DME Location

    Are you referring to the fact that the GS and DMR coordinates are no accessible in the properties? They can be moved by dragging them If you have a ProKey then you can select any object and use Ctrl+Enter to open the raw data view Here you can manually set any of the values. If you...
  5. scruffyduck

    MSFS Apron lights appeared automatically

    Are they apron lights or taxiway lights? If taxiway then you should be able to turn of center and edge lights in the link properties
  6. scruffyduck

    ADE Can't add or create thumbnails on LOM (Library Object Manager)

    Great since I am unable to replicate it
  7. scruffyduck

    ADE Can't add or create thumbnails on LOM (Library Object Manager)

    Please confirm what version of ADE you are using
  8. scruffyduck

    MSFS How to export files question

    The official language of this forum is English. Please be kind enough to use English when posting.
  9. scruffyduck


    What do you want to know - how to create the text?
  10. scruffyduck

    MSFS Avoiding Piracy

    MS is supposed to be introducing DRM in the Marketplace but I am not sure what to status is
  11. scruffyduck

    ADE Compiler Error Message

    I loaded this model into a P3D v5 project, placed and compiled it. There was no compiler error which suggests that this model is not suitable for FSX. ADE throws no errors when decompiling or adding the model or creating the footprint. To be exact your model reports a mdlType of PV20 where...
  12. scruffyduck

    MSFS Latest MSFS SDK Version

    No new SDK update it is still 0.5.1
  13. scruffyduck

    ADE Impossible to open a stock airport

    Because there is a bug in P3Dv5 and we wait on LM to fix it
  14. scruffyduck

    ADE Impossible to open a stock airport

    Is this supposed to be a question?
  15. scruffyduck

    ADE Impossible to open a stock airport

    OK - you are using ADE 1.78 which does not support v5. You need ADE 1.79 for that. https://www.mediafire.com/file/i6xk38ghqjomykp/ade_current_dev.zip/file