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Recent content by stevo

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    FSX:SE ACG RAF Wattisham on FSX-SE

    Hey Pete, hope you are keeping well in these crazy times where in. Hey Cameron. I also haven't loaded FSX or Wattisham in a long while, but I have just done a fresh install from Steam to give it try. (Note the instructions supplied for the install of SODE in FSX-SE are well out of date now and...
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    Texturing building secret

    Hi, Don't move the vertices that's a sure fire way to mess up your mapping. The way you are doing it the texture should really be made to fit the uv mapping not the uv mapping to the texture. If your photos are not straight on then try using a perspective tool in your graphic program to...
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    FSXA RAF Brüggen redu_X

    That looks fantastic manni ;)
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    From Substance Painter to 3DS MAX and P3D v4.5 (PBR) -- Tutorial --

    Hi, I tried the Diffuse instead of Base Color and this was the result on the output. Left is Diffuse Export, Base Color Export is right. I note in your image above that you have changed yours to Base Color, do you get better results? I have also found that if you use the .DDS textures in...
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    From Substance Painter to 3DS MAX and P3D v4.5 (PBR) -- Tutorial --

    Hi, Just a suggestion, try using glossiness from the converted maps instead of roughness it will save you the inverting step, (glossiness is an inverted roughness and visa versa) I see you have used the diffuse from converted maps I'll have to try that I have been using base color.
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    P3D v4 ALL P3D v4.5 users and PBR lovers

    Yes, I cannot find anything different from v4.4 either, 'Added various PBR material templates and updated model template documentation'. is in as a new feature??. Where it said 'various PBR material templates' I sort of hoped that they had added a drop down list of various PBR materials to the...
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    FSW and Orbx TrueEarth GB South

    Pete, I think that's the best our old Duxford airfield has ever looked in a sim.
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    P3D v4 Dynamic Reflections Testing

    So just to update this in case anyone else finds themselves with this same issue. Doug and I came to the conclusion it was our graphic cards that was causing the issue, even though we had different cards. Doug replaced his first and confirmed it. I changed mine today (I changed from a now 6 year...
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    FSXA RAF Brüggen redu_X

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    P3D v4 Adding V4.4 Models to ADE

    whoa....that was quick ;)
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    P3D v4 Adding V4.4 Models to ADE

    Email sent Jon, I have since found that a model with the standard P3D material applied adds ok to ADE, however it is when the model has the new PBR material added, ADE give the error. I have said this in the email. Stevo ;)
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    P3D v4 Dynamic Reflections Testing

    The sphere on the left has a normal map which adds a dimpled surface if thats what you are seeing, it looks perfectly correct in your screenshot Dick. Left sphere uses textures, the right sphere has no textures the reflection is set within the material in 3dsmax. ;)
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    P3D v4 Dynamic Reflections Testing

    Mooney Bravo, F16, Cub, tried a few, all were the same.
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    MCX and PBR texture slots?

    Here's my Chainlink test in X-plane also Changes I made for X-plane using the same textures I exported previously from materialize.... X-plane uses Albedo and a Normal map at an objects basic level. Albedo, if saved as a .PNG, it needs to have a transparent background when used with an...