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Recent content by Vitus

  1. Vitus

    MSFS SOLVED: Problem Exporting to MSFS / Aircraft

    All the time :tapedshut It can be a number of things, but it looks like there's an issue with your model. The last time I ran into this issue, it was a problem with the hierarchy: I had a scene with an object that was child to another object. When I exported it, I only exported the child, not...
  2. Vitus

    MSFS Animation issues

    FYI: I got my skinned mesh animation working fine, too. The only thing worth noting is that the mesh object should not be the child of another object in the scene and make sure that "Apply Modifiers" is not checked when exporting the model - it'll apply the armature modifier and thus removing...
  3. Vitus

    MSFS Animation issues

    I haven't done any skinned-mesh animations yet, so I can't really be of help in this. However, I do use an armature to animate the gear on my aircraft and that works just fine. Make sure that you have your transforms reset - specifically the scale transform. Also, I'm not quite sure if you need...
  4. Vitus

    MSFS Animation issues

    Shapekeys are not (yet?) supported by MSFS though.
  5. Vitus

    MSFS Offering 1-on-1 courses in MSFS development

    Good afternoon! There might a lot of you who are a bit lost or overwhelmed when it comes to MSFS development. And while there are already a lot of resources out there, it is still a tedious and lengthy process to get started with the new sim. I would like to offer my services to help you...
  6. Vitus

    Scenery Claimed

    Here's my understanding of Copyright and Trademark. Mind you, I'm not a lawyer, this constitutes in no way legal advice, it's merely my personal opinion. Generally speaking, the only one who can ever claim a copyright infringement is the holder of the copyright. If you're creating a 3d asset...
  7. Vitus

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    @Milan05 I think I've seen this error reported in this thread before, but I can't remember what it was.... Maybe rummage through the previous posts here for a solution. It's not a problem with the B2MSFS exporter itself, since the error pops up when the compiler is reading the xml file. Maybe...
  8. Vitus

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    Hey Oliver, Can you open the sample models from the SDK with the viewer? No, you can't! :duck: The MSFS model format has a bunch of extensions that are incompatible with most glTF viewers, so this is to be expected. The glTF file this Blender addon is producing is compatible with MSFS, not...
  9. Vitus

    MSFS Primer to 3D asset creation for MSFS

    You can animate the helper or the part itself - makes no difference. The important things is that you pass the name of the animation to the animation template/modeldef behavior in your behavior XML file. Templates are a beast to get into - I personally find it easier to write my own rather than...
  10. Vitus

    MSFS Element mode in Blender 2.9+

    Blender doesn't have "elements" like max. There's only vertices, edges and faces. Generally speaking I found it's good practice not to attach separate parts together, but rather build a hierarchy of objects. That's specifically the case when you have for instance multiple screws on another...
  11. Vitus


    The baking of your AO map is still the same. But the composition of the metallic map is different for MSFS. R - AO G - Roughness B - Metallic So make sure to configure your texture output in whatever program you use to create your PBR materials. In case you use Substance, I uploaded a preset...
  12. Vitus


    yes :)
  13. Vitus

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    That's a great find! It must be an extension that the Khronos Exporter automatically adds when it finds uv transforms. There's probably a switch somewhere that I can flick to remove that extension. I'll start digging! Thanks for this!
  14. Vitus

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    @fsdev3d the materials in the B2MSFS toolkit are based on the materials found in the official 3dsmax plugin. For the most part, I used the glTF file of sampleMaterials to assemble the parameters of each material mode.The schemas in the SDK are really outdated. Most of the time it's better to...
  15. Vitus

    MSFS Animations with Blender exporter