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blender 2.90

  1. D

    number of custom object imported

    Hello, every time I am try to import custom object in my project I can only import 4 custom object.. after that my object stop to show up in the scenery menu... but they have been load correctly..is there any limit of custom object.. or i'm doing something wrong? As you can see from the search...
  2. M

    Model Bug

    hello there, when I import a model from blender the SDK import it with the wrong proportion as some objects, not in the right place, and some are flipped!! screenshot
  3. G

    Smoke from Blender to MSFS

    Hi, i try now days to get my Blender Smoke to MSFS. does anybody know how to? gv
  4. U

    MSFS Blender edited Google Earth Capture looks gridded 😕

    Hi guys ... Blender newbie here and would appreciate any kind of help. The 3d Model I've downloaded from google maps and edited in Blender looks gridded or clipped when I load it to SDK .In the project I removed clipping by increasing the view min size and max size but when I export my files to...
  5. Av8rThor

    Blender Material/Color Id replaced the Alebedo

    Since I made the model in Blender 2-9x I’ll post in this thread however this may be a Blender2msfs exporter issue and perhaps 3ven Quixel, though I doubt it. i baked a multicolored albedo in Blender for import into Quixel and subsequent material painting. I exported the albedo, the normal and...
  6. morganthomas757

    MSFS Blender Shadows not exporting

    I've ran into an issue when exporting a building complete with Point and Spot Lights into the sim using the latest Blender2MSFS Toolkit. The building object and the lights set in blender are set to cast shadows, and are of course on a day/night cycle. I've tried various different methods to get...
  7. SleeveValve

    MSFS Propeller Animation in Blender

    Hi all, I'm having some trouble animating a propeller in Blender. I've successfully animated all of my control surfaces (tested in sim), and tried the same approach to animating the blurred propeller, using the Cessna 152's .xml file as my template. Unlike the control surface animations, the...