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blender 2.92

  1. M

    Questions about importing msfs modle

    I kept using blender2.92+glTF_io_MSFS Add on to import the model file and it worked fine until one day I tried to enter the pmdg737 model and there was a problem with the program. It cannot import any model again, and an error message pops up when importing the model. I uninstalled the program...
  2. Ironpot

    MSFS Help with Blender Textures

    Hi All, Pretty new to this and I have been working on modelling a Lighthouse Keepers cottage and have imported to MSFS 2020 - yes there are some obvious things wrong but the main things I'm seeing and need help with are: The brick texture on the front faces of the walls and chimney(s) appear to...
  3. Flywell

    Is this the right way to create LODs in Blender ?

    Having successfully modelled and textured four buildings (out of ten in my airfield project), I feel the need to test the next steps before modelling the complete set. Among these steps, the first would be creating LODs. I have watched a lot of tutorials, and followed the pertaining threads on...
  4. Mikea.at

    MSFS Blender cloth simulation baked to bones

    HowTo do a cloth animation baked to bones exported to msfs: Start with a cylinder and add some segments Add a armature in the middle of the cylinder and place the tips of each bone at one segment. There has to be one bone at the beginning of the cylinder. Add a vertex group for every...
  5. Mikea.at

    MSFS Blender 2.92

    Just did a short test with the new Blender Version 2.92 and the modified Blender2MSFS toolkit Opend a model with a basic animation (using bones). Exported it and tried a compilation. The compilation was working without a error. I did NOT check if the model is still looking and working...