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  1. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS (PAID JOB) Looking for multiple positions. Modders, mergers, light effects, systems tweakers, visual effects, animators on Blender, sound creators-

    Looking for : modders/mergers, light effect creators, systems tweakers, visual effects, animators on Blender sound creators and modders who know how to utilize wwise. You must be: mature and responsible and not be affiliated with any flight simulator groups. It's all paid jobs...
  2. D

    FX file documentation

    I'm experimenting with effects and I can't find documentation on how to make an "xxxx.fx" file (are they a legacy version of effects?) I can only find documentation about the new XML effects files. I would appreciate any information.
  3. C

    MSFS Adding EFFECTS to an aircraft?

    Hello everybody, has anyone of you got a clue, on if it possible to add effects to an aircraft already? Talking about stuff such as wingtip vortices, contrails (of course...) and stuff. I already tried around a little. For example: Adding [Smokesystem] smoke.0=-17.4, -43.8, 1.04...
  4. P

    FSX 2004 to fsx cockpit FX fail

    Hello everyone. It is my first post and to start I will tell you about a small problem with a FS2004 plane that was adapted to FSX, the deHaviland Comet. The problem is simple: when drops of water fall on the windshield it turns blue. I remember that in FS2004 there was an FX of water droplets...
  5. BASys

    Effect display disparities - FXEditor/MCX versus In-Game

    Hi Arno. Could you please investigate/add the following issues to your TODO list. When attempting to create several effects I've encountered various disparities in supported behaviour between their rendering in FXEditor/MCX versus their rendering In-Game. N.B. Following results were only from...
  6. delivery guy

    FSXA Bump map conflicks with fx_vclight effect.

    Bump map conflicks with fx_vclight effect. When using a night effect light like the cabin light the rug texture which has bump map will show up bright and not showing the normal day texture. Does anyone have a workaround?
  7. Halarion

    FSX:SE Seraphim SSTO Development Issues

    Hi guys, For the last two months I have the pleasure of working with Karl Bushby on the development of their VPACC Seraphim program. In short it's an educational program aimed to spark and develop the interest of the young people into the space program and exploration. More about that here. At...
  8. H

    Create smoke animation

    I'm looking into making a new smoke animation. It would be a delta wing swirl and what programs allow me to animate this? thanks, Harvey
  9. Bownsy105

    P3D v4 Creating lights with effects

    I am attempting to make custom runway lights. After trying the BGL method and being unhappy with the results, I moved over to using effects. The custom effects do not seem to scale with distance, meaning they are either difficult to see at a distance or too big up close. It seems that the...

    FSX:SE Effect Not showing in simulator

    Hi there, I am using FSX:SE and currently all the effect (from the 'effect' folder in FSX) not showing up in the simulator. I have tried to verify the integrity of my game file via Steam app and still the effect not showing up. Can someone guide me why does it happen so?
  11. Jack737Fly

    P3D v3 Issue with attchment effects

    Hello guys! I have little trouble with effects on P3D and FSX. I can't see my effects. These are some pictures that describes my problem(see in the attchment), and also 2 main files(orginal and modified effect with bmp files). Should I modify some parameters? I hope you can help me. Thanks...
  12. Tatu

    FSXA Effect placement random parameters not working

    Hi! For some reason I don't get the random parameters to work with effects. It is an attached effect done in gMax FSX attach tool. I write: RANDOM=10,1 in the box to get 90% likely the effect to show, but it does never occur. I don't think I have that bad luck that it happens always to be that...