1. Jason z

    Textures don't show up

    I have two textures for a static jetway made in sketchup. I made sure that everything was converted into the right format and size but when I run FSX only one of the textures show up. The other is not read. I imported the problematic bgl that's read by the sim into model converter x and it shows...
  2. Jason z

    Burke Lakefront Airport

    Started work on this scenery a very long time ago but diverted efforts to other scenery once I found out how much work it takes to finish scenery. Anyways, recently updated the terminal in preparation for some sort of Vatsim event. See if you can catch the Easter Eggs (pay attention to the TV...
  3. Jason z

    Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International

    I've been working on CVG for some time, right now it's off into the interior modelling of the terminal. This is part of the CLE-CVG-YYC trio that I've been designing (Each one for when I lose motivation for doing the other). Beta testing available at https://clefsdevelopment.weebly.com but this...
  4. Matteo07

    FSX LIPH - Treviso Airport

    Hi everyone, I'm building Treviso Airport that is located in Italy, 30km north from Venice. This airport is better known as Venice/Treviso because this is the 2nd airport of Venice. Before Venice Tessera was built, Treviso hosted Alitalia, British Airways and other big companies. Now there are...