1. BASys

    Effect display disparities - FXEditor/MCX versus In-Game

    Hi Arno. Could you please investigate/add the following issues to your TODO list. When attempting to create several effects I've encountered various disparities in supported behaviour between their rendering in FXEditor/MCX versus their rendering In-Game. N.B. Following results were only from...
  2. christopherbritton

    FXEditor crashes on effect audio unmute

    Hello, I'm trying to set up an ambient sound at an airport. However, when I unmute the audio, FXEditor crashes. The effect file I'm using is a direct copy of a working ambient effect that I have used in one of my previous sceneries. I have only modified the audio file name to match the new...
  3. Jack737Fly

    P3D v3 Issue with attchment effects

    Hello guys! I have little trouble with my own effects on P3D and FSX, I can't see them. These are some pictures that describes my problem(see in the attchment), and also 2 main files(orginal and modified effect with bmp files). Should I modify some parameters? I've used the attach tool for...