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  1. Walter Almaraz

    Issues with LUA scripts

    Hello, I'd been working on a LUA script for Runway and Taxilights. This is the script: !lua local visibility = varget("O:Weather.AmbientVisibility", "Meters") if visibility < 8001 then varset("T:DiffuseTexture","String","lights_lm.dds")...

    P3D v4 material scripting

    Hello i wanted to make a script for my object to appear only when it rains ( my objects has pbr materials ) i made a box and assigned a scrpit to it i tested : it doesn't work i tried if else things editiing .................. a bunch of things but couldsn't get it right here is my script hope...
  3. M

    P3D v4 Detail texture change every 1 second (LUA script)

    Hi, I've been experimenting to animate texture in P3DV4. First I tried to display 3 different objects in sequence, however there was a noticeable performance loos plus the whole operation was quite time consuming to do. I was wondering if anybody tried to do this using LUA script and if...
  4. obsoletepower

    Issue Writing to P3D Lvar

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum although I have been an active reader for quite some time. I am working on building my own simpit and have gotten to the software stage. My goal is to use A2A's aircraft but since they use their own custom vars I am working on a simple Lua...
  5. L

    Cherching for LUA Developper

    Hello everyone, I'm new on this Forum. I made a Home cockpit real size of Cessna 182 and I would make my G1000 using FSUIPC to be compatible with A2A C182 Gauges. A2A use LVAR on their Aircrafts and especially on the Gauges, that's why my G1000 send me wrong values (For example, I have 1400 RPM...
  6. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Material Season Script

    Hi! Has anyone of you tried the new LUA script in the material editor of P3DV4 SDK? For me, nothing happens when I want to load a script via the browse button. As far as I understand, you can use script to change the seasons during the runtime in the simulator. But as I said, with me I...
  7. Skinner_11

    Execute .lua script from external application via FSUIPC

    Hey everyone! Is it possible to use the FSUIPC SDK, to call a .lua file in the simulator, let's say for example, when a button is pressed in the app? Regards :wave:
  8. L

    FSX Lua or gauge to perform trim inputs under few conditions

    Hello, community. I was trying to modify an aircrat's flight dynamics so it would be able to pitch down once thrust is cut during the flare. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to achieve the desired effect. I then decided to cheat fsx by creating a lua or a gauge that will trim nose down by several...