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  1. WildLynxPilot

    MSFS Segelflugplatz Stillberghof

    Available at https://flightsim.to/file/45396/segelflugplatz-stillberghof
  2. S

    A/C Not found in Sim

    Howdy, been spending many hours playing with this fantastic program, but I have found that whilst you can add the default a/c to a flightplan, when I use the AI Companions File checker or its Live Traffic view once in the sim it says "missing aircraft" tried a few and can't to get any of the...
  3. Classicsims

    TopKit Simulations 737 Classic Freeware Project

    G'day all, TopKit Simulations is searching for some individuals who are willing to commit some time to help develop a freeware, open source (in the future), Boeing 737 Classic for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D V4/V5. We can offer quite a few benefits some of these benefits can be...
  4. L

    Fspackagetool reports back "Node with this name already exists", Missing animations in MSFS2020

    Hey there! My name is Leon and i am modifying an already existing aircraft for MSFS2020. I have managed to make all the modifications in blender with success, this includes all working animations and textures, however whenever i try to compile the file using the fspackagetool i get a lot of...
  5. E

    [Help] Polygons in wrong place after building airport scenery

    For some reason in MSFS2020 when I place polygons and texture them, after I build the airport and load it, they are all slight moved and rotated. It's very infuriating. Any ideas what's going on here? You can see that the concrete square is not straight, and the polygon to cover up a white...
  6. NotBasti

    Looking for Project

    Hey, I am a 3D modeller from Germany who is looking for a project. My main software is blender, although for texturing, I use subject painter, which allows me to create high precision pbr textures. I have gathered plenty of experience creating sceneries for msfs2020 and high detailed aircraft...
  7. D

    MSFS EDRP - Pirmasens Airfield

  8. T

    MSFS Freeware Diamond HK36TC for MSFS

    29.01: Started working with a simple flightmodel today.
  9. R

    MSFS Attaching effects to objects

    Hello, Is it possible to attach effects to objects? I tryed to use attachedobject in xml with no luck. Even adding Beacon doesn't work for me in scenery editor.
  10. A

    MSFS Textures not displaying on other installation of MSFS

    I've created a couple of assets in 3DS for MSFS, textured and all. A friend was using them in his airport scenery, however, since the latest update, he cannot see any textures on the objects at all. We have gone back and forth for a few days trying various things, but there is still no textures...
  11. C

    Blender export mesh Text

    Hello. When i export to MSF2020 the mesh of kind Text, in game the mesh don't show up. I use the texture with option "MSFS Standard".