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msfs2020 scenery

  1. O

    Custom Jetways

    Hi everyone, i am looking for someone to help me create custom jetways for KDTW for MSFS2020. As right now the airport has the default jetways and i would like to be able to change the color and have the airliners banner on the jetways, also the gate number sign. Please let me jnow if you are...
  2. weok-sim

    MSFS Polygons material tiling / offset breaks in the package

    Hello. I am trying to use polygons and custom material as a universal tool to fix certain areas of satellite imagery. In the screenshot on the left everything works fine in editor, but package (screenshot on the right) breaks offset and maybe tiling for texture. The tiling setting is something...
  3. H

    MSFS MSFS 2020 Google Map replacement

    Disclaimer The methods mentioned in this tutorial are for research and learning purposes only. I am not responsible for any legal liabilities and losses caused by using or expanding this tutorial and method. Always checkout latest version here first...
  4. hoynedawg

    MSFS [Progress Update] NZMK - Motueka, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

    NZA Simulations is proud to bring you a new freeware airport to tie in with our upcoming payware release of NZNS - Nelson. We have kept this one quiet.. NZMK - Motueka .. coming soon! Massive thanks to Blake and Terry for all the time spent grabbing references for this one...
  5. S

    MSFS Objects - Weird bright areas where it should be dark

    Hello. Atm doing a small airfield and noticed that, when direct light is hitting the object, areas that should be darker are actually brighter instead. One can see it here very well and it looks bad imo. (ignore the missing ground...) As you can see, it looks really weird below the roof...
  6. D

    number of custom object imported

    Hello, every time I am try to import custom object in my project I can only import 4 custom object.. after that my object stop to show up in the scenery menu... but they have been load correctly..is there any limit of custom object.. or i'm doing something wrong? As you can see from the search...
  7. Ironpot

    What is this

    Hi All, I have noticed at many airports, the following. I know one is the windsock (top one by the shadow cast) but anyone know what the other object is?
  8. Insidious87

    MSFS Crashes with custom scenery

    Hi all! Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but it started on February 12th 2020 for me. I know the was preparation for an updategoing on. When I add a package to my community folder then start the game. The game will load, and I can select my airport it loads to about 95% then...
  9. U

    MSFS Blender Created 3D Model looks incorrect in MSFS 2020 !!!

    Hi guys I have created a Monument in 36 hours with sleepless brain melting hard work for MSFS 2020 using Blender 2.92. Originally the memorial scenery is missing in the game. I am re-creating the city as well because apparently Bing Maps totally had ignored Bydgoszcz despite that google maps...