1. sniperfull

    C# WPF SimConnect proper way of receiving simulator information.

    Hello, I've been looking at requesting data about the simulator like specific version of the simulator. I have been looking into the SDK Documentation but maybe i just haven't looked into this properly but i couldn't find a way to request this data. I looked into the Simulation Variables, to...
  2. sniperfull

    P3D v4 Simconnect returning incorrect data in WPF c# application.

    when using same code from the managed data request sample from the SDK i do not receive the same results. simconnect.AddToDataDefinition(DEFINITIONS.Struct1, "Plane Altitude", "feet", SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE.FLOAT64, 0, SimConnect.SIMCONNECT_UNUSED); // IMPORTANT...
  3. sniperfull

    P3D v4 [C#] WPF, DefWndProc in a WPF application

    Hi, while trying to add a new feature to my KsimSaver, i am struggling to find a way to use DefWndProc in WPF. this code is from the SDK sample, as that is Windows Forms, this code is not usable for WPF, atleast the Protected override void DefWndProc(ref Message m) {} part. the rest of the...