1. Christian Bahr

    Dortmund for X-Plane

    Hi. In cooperation with Stairport Sceneries and Aerosoft GmbH, work is currently underway on an offshoot of Approaching Dortmund for the X-Plane Flight Simulator. Preview-Picture Picture: (c) 2018 Aerosoft Forum More pictures and further information can be found here: Aerosoft Forum...
  2. Christian Bahr

    X-Plane Projekt "XPD2017"

    Hello! Soon there will be a new project "XPD2017". Here are first previews: Projekt XPD2017 The project was developed by ParadoxAgi Cheers, Christian
  3. H

    I'm getting mad at modelling

    Hey guys, Probably most of you already know that I have been trying to introduce me to 3d modelling since really a lot of time ago... After giving up so many times, being busy and stuff.. I have decided that I have to make a step further or stop this. I'm normally a 2d artist (graphic design...