P3D v4 3D Modeller & Coder needed!

Dear Developers,

In 2012 Manfred Jahn, Hans-Jörg Nägele, Alexander Metzger and I myself developed the Basler BT-67, a freeware tubroprop for FSX.
Six years passed since then and the sofware around our model changed quite a lot, it's still good, but outdated and mostly incompatible with P3Dv4.

Alexander talked to me at the FS Konferenz at the AERO Messe Friedrichshafen if I would be interested in restarting the project, nothing to discuss here.
Sadly we haven't heard anything about Manfred who did the models and had been ill quite a long time now, we really hope he is well.

What we are looking for to get this baby back running:
3D modeller:

- new 3d cockpit with 3d gauges and 3rd party integration (GTN750/650, Navstax,...)
- true glass integration
- dynamic lighting
- enhanced exterior model (with optional enableable research equipment, ferry tanks and more nice details)
- remapped base textures at the exterior and interior in high resolution

- more complex systems and fuel management in general (it's a modified DC-3, shouldn't be that much to code)

Positions already taken:
Flight Dynamics: Alexander Metzger (we all know him!)
Textures and reference material: Daniel Fürnkäß (Cheesy Simulations)

Important: This project will be freeware, no payment!

GMAX source files (exterior/interior, animated) are available!

There is no fixed release date.
I'm in close contact with the German Institute for Polar Research (Alfred Wegener Institute "AWI") and Kenn Borek Air (doing all the maintenance), they will keep providing useful information as long as the final airplane will be freeware.

Feel free to send a PM or an E-mail at "dfuernkaess [a-t] t-online [dot] de" if interested.

Best regards, Daniel