3ds max question

Way back in 2010 I did some scenery in 3ds max 9 and I used this brilliant forum to get answers and tips all the time, my interest waned sadly after completing my projects and I was helping on some of the ES projects. I then suffered a stroke in 2014 and I've only just got round to having another go. Unfortunately the old grey cells have got lost in between :) and I now have the 2010 version of 3ds max. now whilst some of it is coming back, plus I'm trying to get to grips with the new version I am baffled by the something.

Thankfully I kept all of the max files, hangers, gliders etc and I am able to open them up however in the perspective view everything is black and I have tried putting the material in the editor but everything is still black. I'm most likely a million miles off with what I am trying to do so any help will be really appreciated, to cap it all I would like to use the models in Xplane 11

Many Thanks