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I would finally love to know the working of 'Selection Lock Toggle' in 3dsMax. I would also *love* if it would do what it says it will do : lock a selection in a scene so you don't inadvertedly select another object and move that about too or even delete it.... When i select all objects other than those i'm working on and hit the space bar or click the little lock icon at the bottom *ALL* objects get locked ! Even if i select only *one* object and click the lock icon, again ALL objects get locked, i simply can't do anything anymore... That's not how it should work, is it ??.....

The Max Help index doesn't give much actual help here neither.... Am i missing something ??... Can anyone explain please ?....

Thanks much on forehand!

No, it works the other way around. You select the object you're working on and then lock to prevent you selecting anything else. It locks you to that object.


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Alternatively, you can select any object(s), then use Tools/Isolate Selection to temporarily hide everything except the objects you have selected.

Use Tools/End Isolate to "unhide" all objects again.
Thanks Dave! The other way round..... sjeezz, who would've thought of that... :duck: Must say i still don't get it.. Freeze is more like it but Unfreeze puts the hidden objects back on the scene too..

Thanks Bill ! Ok, i think that's the coolest one of them all, actually works the same as hide objects but i get this neat little button on screen which brings everything back *without* the hidden objects. Perfect ! ( i suppose no way to keep this button permanently on screen so you can both isolate and un-isolate by pushing it ?....)

Thanks again, gents ! :cool:
I don't know what version of Max you have, but on mine there is an isolate button at the bottom of the screen, looks like a light bulb.


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I don't know what version of Max you have, but on mine there is an isolate button at the bottom of the screen, looks like a light bulb.
I am using Max2017. My "Isolate" icon it a little blue box on the bottom of the screen, just to the left of the "Lock" icon:

Javis, "Isolate" uses a "temporary hidden" area that is entirely separate from the normal "Hidden" area. I used to select an object, Ctrl-I to invert the selection, then use the Freeze function (with the hide frozen objects) active, which essentially accomplishes the same end goal. But since learning about the "Isolate" function, it is much easier and faster to use.

I also make extensive use of "Layers" to better control objects so that I can quickly Hide/Unhide each named Layer. Note that I have a Layer named "Interior Cockpit" which is the Parent Layer for each collection of objects as Named Layers. By clicking on the little "eyeball" for the "Interior Cockpit" I can quickly Hide/Unhide all of the Child Layers!

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I can't believe that I knew nothing about "Isolate Selection" until recently Bill. My usual go-to was always "Hide Unselected", but the isolate button puts your selected object(s) within their own "frame" where the view gimbal always rotates around the center of it, which makes working on small objects so much easier. This used to drive me crazy using the other method because in larger scenes, a tiny rotation can send my camera 1,000m away from what I'm working on if I'm not SUPER careful.