About Terrain

Please let my not good English. Because English is not my mother tounge.

I am making the new terrain near the airport.
It is too complex. So I sometime check my work goes well. Of course, it does not go well.
I will post three pictures on P3D and some files.

The first picture is the default airport. I want edit spot and create mountain like the line written by red.
I edit spot by ADE. But ADE can not create the mountain because it is complex(may be).
Next I try to make mountain by SBX.

First I create some flatten and slope shown in 2nd picture, and compound BGL. The left looks like cone is the slope flatten.
The result is 3rd picture. The slope flatten do not appear. But right flatten appear. So I found that flat is no problem, but slope have a problem.

I want overcome this problem. But I do not know what I should do.
Please tell me.

And I upload BGL and SBP file.

Airport info
runway high 37.185m
right poly 40m
left poly beside the runway 35m, opposite side 50m.

2020-7-6_15-57-39-28_LI.jpgスクリーンショット (4).png2020-7-6_16-4-53-197_LI.jpg


I believe the problem is that the default airport background (AB) is flattening the mesh where the hillside is located. If you make a more accurate AB and also make a small exclude (exclude_all_airport_boundaries) to eliminate the default AB you might be able to see the hillside reappear. If not, you may need some better mesh.

Regardless, the sloped polygons on the left in your project are overlapped by the default AB so they won't have any effect. See attached screenshot, the gray poly is the default AB. Also what version of P3D do you have?


The default AB is in Prepar3D v4\Scenery\1002\scenery\cvx8221.bgl. If you want to extract the AB to a .shp you can append in SBuilder use CvxExtractor and run the command:

cvxextractor -i "cvx8221.bgl" -t ESRI -o "." -f AirportBounds -latMax 30.401564 -latMin 30.372275 -longMax 130.720345 -longMin 130.610047

I modified RJFC a bit this morning, improved mesh, a photoreal, some autogen (which I'm not satisfied with), road realignment, etc. Does the hillside look correct in this shot?


It's a very beautiful airport and area in general, do you live there?

Thank you for your kind lesson!
I have P3Dv4. I understand what prevent making poly!
The hillside which you make is almost same that I want. By adding the river, it will be perfect!

I have some questions.
Is it correct the CvxExtractor under the link?
And, does it appear when I use the double "Exclude All Airport Boundaries" and "LC"poly in the same point?

I do not live in the near RJFC. But I think this area is beautiful, too!
RJFC is the airport Yaku island which is natural heritage site.
Is it correct the CvxExtractor under the link?
Yes, but I didn't realize CvxExtractor is now a GUI program. My command was for an older command line version of CvxExtractor I've been using since 2015. If you download the GUI version just set the screen up like this using the coordinates from my command above:


When the .shp has been extracted with CvxExtractor you can append it in Sbuilder using File>Append>ERSI SHP. Then just put a small poly over it tagged "exclude_all_airport_boundaries".

I made mesh for the entire island from elevation data I downloaded here:

The mesh makes the hillside more pronounced so I suggest you add this mesh file to your Scenery. It's in the attached .zip file.

This screenshot shows the default AB in red (which I got using CvxExtractor as shown above), note how it encompasses the hillside and flattens it. The blue poly is the exclude_all_airport_boundaries. The green poly is the new AB I made (smaller) so it allows the mesh to rise above the airfield.


Also, when you're making sloped flattens intending only to change the contours of the land use "AB_Flatten" in Sbuilder as opposed to AB_Flatten_ExcludeAutoGen or AB_Flatten_MaskClassMap_ExcludeAutoGen. AB_Flatten doesn't have a texture associated with it and it won't suppress autogen.

does it appear when I use the double "Exclude All Airport Boundaries" and "LC"poly in the same point?
I apologize but I don't understand what you're asking here, can you clarify?



And, does it appear when I use the double "Exclude All Airport Boundaries" and "LC"poly in the same point?
I think I know what you're asking. If you put a terrain exclude of any kind in your Sbuilder project it won't exclude anything that exists in the file (.bgl) itself, it will only exclude things in layers with lower priority in the scenery library.
I try to edit ABflatten by SBX in this weekend. And succeeded!

I use new .shp file because I don`t have confidence using Shp2Vec.exe correctly.
When I want use the .shp file which is extracted from P3D to edit land, I have to use Shp2.exe manually?

I post the picture of the result for who might have the same problem for the future. (still under construction)

スクリーンショット (15).png

No, you can append the .shp into SBuilderX and compile it like any other polygon, or along with your other polygons.
It means that if there is another .shp file in the BGL which extract from P3D, I will make bgl file with other polygon file by using shp2.exe after I append some .shp file?
Correct, and you can append as many .shps as you like, a .shp can be a line or a polygon, once you get them into SBuilder treat them like any poly or line that you clicked out yourself, right click, do "properties" and make sure they have the attribute you want (AB_flatten, hydro poly, landclass poly, exclude all water polys, etc.) Then do Select > all polygons, and export a .bgl just like you'd do if you clicked out the poly or line yourself.