FSX:SE ADE-SDK - Just making sure Im getting this right!!


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As many are aware Ive had the week from hell.
For those interested the film is coming out and Tom Hanks is playing me:banghead:

Im now getting (attempting) my system somewhere near back to where I was.

Im now on steam Edition FSX and glad I am due to the raft of reinstalls I was forced to do due to the fact the experts in MS kept forcing version 1809 in to a machine which did not like it only likes the stable 1803.

Moving on: I seem to be ok with FSX Steam - Started adding one or two scenery projects back in and they work thus far as does one or two or my reworked aircraft - just taking it very slowly and loads of restore points on my new rig - Yep MS Broke me as well so forced a new rig out of the purse and will pay in off in blood

SDK is now my next scary addon - Why?. my confidence with the systems was blown to pieces by the MS experts - Oh Dear, how sad, never mind!
Ive noted the link that Bill and GaryB responded to about using the Prepar3D v4 SDK and install it for FSX:Steam edition . The OP stated that it worked "like a dream".

Ive downloaded the version referred to - But I held back because all references were made to the SDK creating L H folders and entries in the registry also flagged as L H/Prepar3D.
Im obviously being ultra cautious almost paranoid about adding in anything , even my passwords are checked multiple time before I hit enter ……….

any help/hand-hold just to get this in will be much appreciated guys

Well, all I can tell you is that I have FSX:SE and I installed the P3D SDK v1.4. It seems to work very nicely on my system. I have the SDK installed on my C drive, and FSX installed on my D drive.
I didn't look through the Registry or anything, but when it installed it's self, it installed to a folder named SDK. Not anything super complex. All the expected sub-folders. Core Utilities Kit, Mission Creation kit, and so on. Not an LH folder to be seen.
Once again, though, I didn't burrow into my registry, but I can if you give me a hint as to just what key I should be looking for.

Does this settle the butterflies a little?


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Great thanks Pat. It's appreciated. I'll have to bit the bullet and go for it and see what happens .
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Thanks - Ill need all I can get.

However Pat, Its a learning curve and can bring some positives - just have work out what the heck they are lol