Aerofly Dash 8 Q400 Flight Tutorial Released

I think this gives a really good idea of how the sim and its systems are steadily advancing in depth/complexity!

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Greetings Flight Simmers,

For those of you who downloaded the new Dash 8 Q400 aircraft and sat in the cockpit for the first time and said "great I downloaded my new aircraft, now how do I fly it?" Look no further, Jan has completed his first in a series of tutorials to help anyone fly a successful flight. The new tutorial series will provide enough information for the beginner to learn how to fly an aircraft by the numbers, and for the advanced pilot that may not be checked out in a particular aircraft.

Check out the first updated tutorial, the Dash 8 Q400 now. You can find the 3 parts of this tutorial in the wiki here:

The three sections for the Q400 are: 1) V-Speeds, 2) Introduction to the Flightdeck, and 3) the tutorial itself.

Be sure to check back soon for tutorials for other aircraft.

Happy Flying!