Aerofly Geoconvert Tool Released.

Greetings Aerofly FS2 Flight Simulator Community.

We are pleased to inform you that the new geoconvert tool has been released to the public. There is also a new download section added to the forum; this new section is called (created enough) “Downloads”, and is available to all registered Aerofly forum users.

You will notice that this new section will make it easier to find published downloads moving forward.

Simply locate your selection, click on it, and click on the download box to the right.

You will also notice that the SDK has been broken up into separate downloads to make it easier if you just need a portion of the package. You will also notice some additional repaint kits for you as a bonus.

The geoconvert tool is located within the “SDK Tools” package.

Be sure to check out our official Wiki: to find detailed instructions on how to use this new scenery creation tool.

Happy Geoconverting !
Just had my first NZ Alps flight, using just a tiny sample area, and it certainly works:)
Couple of things I've noticed so far:
Like my first experiment with X-plane, the default elevation resolution is the first thing which hit me, I don't know what resolution it is, but it's low... hopefully easily fixed!
Unlike resample, it uses 100% of the CPU, so be prepared to walk away and find something else to do during the conversion process.
A quick comparison with resample -- I used the same image, which is 1.2m/px, using the recommended levels 9/11/12/13 in Geoconvert. 90% quality in resample, all LODS. It took the same time for both, although as I said, geoconvert does hog the CPU, 95% compared to 30% for me.
Resample = 243MB, geoconvert = 164MB, so taking into account my 90% compression in resample, I think this is pretty much the same -- as far as I can tell, there's no way to vary the compression in geoconvert.
The result in Aerofly is stunning, I must admit. Not enough coverage in my sample area to do a proper look, but it does show promise!
As I used my own aerial, which I've used so far in FSX/Prepar3d and X-plane, I bypassed the included image sourcing tools, so I'm not sure how they'd work at all. I'd love to be able to just drop a geoTIFF into geoconvert without the fluffing around with text, but really it's an easy enough process.
Outside of selected high resolution areas, Aerofly has a base mesh, and a very low resolution ortho overage of the entire earth for developers to build upon.