AFLT Light Size


Resource contributor
A user has pointed out to me that the size of AFLT's lights is too large for certain purposes. That reminded me that some time ago, I replaced the file "halo.bmp" (found in your FlightSim's main \Texture folder) on my own system with one I found on the web. It makes BGL_LIGHTs much smaller.

I have been unable to find the source of that texture, but I recall it was posted (at, I believe) in the "FS9-days" with no restrictions as to use. So, I am attaching it this post and will include it from now on in the AFLT archive file.

Simply copy it over the current version (backing up the current version first, in case you want to revert) and give it a try. I think you'll find it quite suitable. But, be aware, this will change the BGL_LIGHT size for all applications, not just AFLT.

And thanks again to whoever originally created and posted this file.