"agnstats" - How Does It Work?

Hi Arno,

On your scenerydesign.org blog you posted about a new tool for AGN Tools called "agnstats" that reports which objects, and how many, are present in a given set of AGN files, but there aren't any instructions on how to run it. I've tried a few different things but can't get it to go. No instructions in the AGN Tools manual either. Would you mind writing a quick 'how to'? Or if somebody else knows how to make it work, I'm all ears :)

This tool is really quite useful beyond the simple ability to count objects in your agn files. The ability to see at a glance what GUIDs are present in the agn files is really handy if you placed the wrong AGN type by mistake and wanted to swap it for another one, or otherwise wanted to swap AGN types without having to do it manually in Annotator (a virtually impossible task with any files with multiple agn types). Before this I've had to scroll through the output of "agn2txt" to see the GUIDs in the file, and then open autogendescriptions.xml in Notepad and use the 'find' function to see what GUID is what. If you wanted to expand on 'agnstats' or another AGN tool, a GUID-swapping feature would be really great.



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Hi Scott,

It's a command line tool like agn2txt. So if you run it from the command prompt without any arguments you get the help. But it only takes one argument and that is the folder that has the agn files. So something like:

agnstats myproject\texture

It then prints the stats to screen. If you want to capture them to file use:

agnstats myproject\texture > stats.txt