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AI Aircraft Editor Version 4.2.1 released

Today I have released Version 4 of my AI Aircraft Editor.NET.

After some intensive time of coding these are the major changes:

- Application Interface restructured
- Major code rewrite to increase performance and eliminate bugs
- New: Aircraft Effect management
- P3Dv6 Support
- P3D autodiscover path support
- Utilize current MCX viewer components

I would like to thank Arno for his great support in integrating the new MCX viewer components.

I would also like to thank the group of beta testers who have tested each new version over and over again to find the bugs: Firebird, shaggy22, geoffj, bvanhout, hgschnell, jetpilot1980, jimrodger.

Their help and support has been absolutely amazing and indispensable to the development.

If you are already using AIAE, the update will be offered to you automatically. If you want to try the application, you can find the download at The Owl's Nest, at MAIW and at AVSim.




Important Note to all users of a Windows Version below Windows 10.

I have been using a function call that is only supported as of Windows 10. In consequence AIAE is crashing before the interface is loaded on earlier versions.

Please update to Version 4.2.2 if this affects you. You must re-download the installer because for obvious reasons the internal update will not work.

The installer at The Owl's Nest and at MAIW have been updated.

I apologize for this inconvenience!

It has been a hard ride to fix the crash that happened for some people during the SimObject analysis and the other one I introduced for everyone when I switched to the current version of the Updater component.

I apologise for all the inconvenience this has caused and would like to thank all the people who helped me find the bugs that were never triggered on my development and flightsim computer.

To get to a safe installation please download the installer for Version 4.2.27 and update your AIAE installation. You can find the installers @ MAIW and @ The Owl's Nest.

Thank you for using AIAE!

From mobile hence short
It is extremely unpleasant for me, but I must ask you to download the installer again, hopefully for the last time. I am very sorry about this!

The AIAE self-updater needs three more DLLs, but only if an update is actually available. I only noticed this today when I activated version 4.2.8. Unfortunately, the missing DLLs cause the program to crash.

Therefore, I will not push the update to the current version for the next few days. Please download the new installer from the two usual locations: here @ MAIW and here @ The Owl's Nest.

Besides fixing the self-update mechanism, the following changes have been made:

- the latest DLLs from MCX (fixes a bug with texture loading)
- Texture directories using the standard "texture. Something\texture" are now supported.
- The log file contains the information for which simulator all models in an aircraft folder have been compiled.
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