FSXA AI Aircraft & Yield to User


I'm working up a mission where a helicopter swoops down and land in front of a taxiing AI Learjet, causing the plane to stop and thus preventing some bad guy's nefarious plans…you get the picture…I think I've seen a variation of this a dozen times on various TV shows and movies.

The idea is to prevent the bad guy's escape. Put a property trigger on the Learjet, - if it stops (Ground Speed ≤ 2 kts) the goal is achieved.

I use Obviously I tried using the Yield to User function to get the plane to stop…and that doesn't work…the lear taxied merrily right through my helo sitting on the ground in front of it.

AIType - Airplane
Unit_Mode - Waypoints

YieldToUser - True
AircraftAIState - Flight

I also tried
AircraftAIState - Taxi

no difference.

So I changed to
AIType - GoundVehicle

Now it stops for the blocking helo…but it has no lights.

Somehow you are going to need to modify a SIMVAR of the Learjet, but I think you are doing that already. Maybe change AI state to parked or something?
Thanks Ripcord - I had only tried Flying and Taxiing. I'll try the other states and see if that works.

If all else fails, since this is a mission I could try working a proximity trigger that somehow kills the Learjet's waypoints (I could then use the proximity trigger for a Goal success).

The funny thing is that all the other AI aircraft do yield.