AI Dropping Bombs Possable?


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They should probably just call it "Rickle," since apparently I'm the only one that uses it. Either that or all the other Googlers are too urbane to admit to running someone's search for them. Anyway, the term was "fsx ai bomb" and this was the first hit:

As a slight aside, the developers of FSX@War are presently having a difficult time maintaining their freeware product and would welcome anyone who could assist them in keeping the product up to date. The add-on also works with various versions of P3d despite the product name.


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Just an idea that springs into mind (i do not know it this is technically possible):
- Create 1 AI plane - shaped as aircraft - and create a AI flightplan for it.
- Create 1 AI plane - shaped as the bomb -
- Partially copy the flightplan from the plane-shape to the bomb-shape - p to the point where the bomb need to be release
- Manually add the "dropping of the bomb curve" to the flightpath of the bomb-shaped IA aircraft.
I did check out the FSXatWAR. From what I can tell it needs the Tackpack program to work. Your AI plane and bomb plan sound a bit complicated. And I don't know how to slew an AI object. I know how to slew my plane though.