AI pushback

Is there anyway to prevent AI aircrafts to turn 180 degrees during pushback? I wonder how gsx managed to do what i want to do.
I wonder will this work:
Use simconnect to provide positions of AI aircrafts, and keep updating it, so that AI can move with the proper pushback movement.
If providing AI aircrafts speed and direction through simconnect, when a AI aircraft move backwards during pushback, will this causes reverse thrust?
Using simconnect will make it unnecessarily complicated just to avoid a 180º turnaround.
There is a way to prevent pushback and turn around but when it is not a drive-through aircraft stand, you'd be better off with the aircraft turning around after pushback :).
The distance of the pushback is determined by half the distance to the next taxi link node.
If you are referring to a 'drive-through', it will depend on your taxiway layout which way your aircraft will go unless you have 'plumbed' your airport.
Anyway, to shorten the pushback distance, you either put a node as close as possible to the parking spot and when a 'drive-through' as close as possible to but at the front end of the parking spot.
I presume that you are on FSX or P3D because in FS9 it is slilghtly different.
I do not think AI aircraft need reverse thrust because they are not even in taxi mode (engines start revving only after pushback).