FSXA AI Traffic

I have Built my Airport and now I would like to add some AI Aircraft. I am using FAIB aircraft for this venture, and where do I go from here. I am using Ai-Aircraft Editor, then to AIFP2. When I decide to sent my Aircraft to Ottawa, the Planner disappears. I know it has to go somewhere else but I am lost as to where. Is there any instruction's around that can set me straight? Frank!
Tell me what you have done so far. are we talking about AI Flight Planner? does your ai show at the starting airport? Does it push back and taxi? does it reach the rwy and disappear? does it just sit at the parking spot for a long time then disappear? I am Robert Lacy in Ione, WA on Skype. It is amazing how fast and easy things can get solved using Skype. A mic is necessary... a camera is not. And it is Free.

I would first suggest doing a fault finder check for your airport. Also check to make sure there is a parking spot free at your destination airport AND that it is big enough. Parking is measured in radius. Check the wing span of your ai in its config file. Chop that in half then add a foot or two for good measure.