AICarrier Question

Just purchased P3D v4 11/22/18. Using Win 10. In FSX, I use the AICarriers Java version. Will this version work with the P3D v4? Struggled trying to install the Net
version with no luck. I did set the correct path in the net exe.xml. Shift+J does nothing in P3D. Works fine in FSX. Can someone please help me out.
Sorry, Jon, but I have not yet had time to spare to investigate or reply to your query.
Nobody will answer you because I think you will have to put your question to the AI-carriers folks that made the program.
Their installer may be wrong but I am sure that if you do it manually, it should work (but do not forget the .cfg and the other entries you could have to perform manually).
I do not like anything that gives me no way to add AI and as such the program does not really interests me. Their models are top notch though!
Good luck and see you on Skype soon (but not anymore today:) as it is past 7PM).