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P3D v3 AIFP v3.2.0.6 problem


I'm on Windows 10 64 bit. I wanted to use AIFP version on Prepar3D v3 and on Prepar3D v4.
When I decompile the Bgl, the FlightPlans file contains incomprehensible hieroglyph characters, as you can see
AC#1,61-PJ,20%,WEEK,VFR,0/07:37:09,0/00:14:49,588,R,5329,êè,0/00:31:59,TNG0/00:00:00,904,F,15390,Û¶í,0/00:47:14,TNG0/00:31:56,829,F,15603,ð,,0/01:57:43,0/00:14:56,210,R,0012,LFST,0/00:17:08,0/00:14:56,588,R,5329,œÀù,0/01:18:31,TNG0/00:00:00,088,F,0863,Ã0,0/00:47:14,TNG0/02:32:26,293,F,1170,‡(,0/00:25:54,0/00:13:17,240,R,0011,LFBD,0/00:17:08,0/00:13:18,588,R,5329,Ñ,0/01:03:05,TNG0/00:00:00,741,F,1940,Ïó,0/00:47:14,TNG0/00:32:26,780,F,3120,ð4,0/00:27:26,0/00:13:29,135,R,0010,LFST,0/20:34:20,0/00:13:31,588,R,4241, 9,0/00:48:31,TNG0/00:00:00,1014,F,4056,Ïó<,0/00:47:14,TNG0/02:32:26,536,F,4193,Ò0,1/03:11:36,0/00:13:37,240,R,0013,LFSD,0/02:39:59,0/00:13:45,588,R,5329,ê V,0/00:31:59,TNG0/00:00:00,611,F,6028,·m[,0/00:47:14,TNG0/00:31:56,536,F,6241,ð,,4/20:47:31,0/00:13:51,210,R,0012,LFST,0/00:45:43,0/00:13:52,588,R,5329,wwg,0/01:18:31,TNG0/00:00:00,819,F,7884,žçy,0/00:47:14,TNG0/02:32:26,000,F,8192,‡(,0/03:30:14,0/00:14:05,240,R,0011,LFBD,0/00:45:43,0/00:14:06,588,R,5329,‰ˆˆ,0/01:03:05,TNG0/00:00:00,449,F,8962,«ªŠ,0/00:47:14,TNG0/00:32:26,488,F,10142,ð4,0/04:06:48,0/00:14:17,135,R,0010,LFST,0/04:34:17,0/00:14:20,588,R,4241,õV§,0/00:48:31,TNG0/00:00:00,722,F,11078,«ªª,0/00:47:14,TNG0/02:32:26,244,F,11215,Ò0,0/07:00:35,0/00:14:25,240,R,0013,LFSD,0/00:22:52,0/00:14:33,588,R,5329,ÅWÄ,0/00:31:59,TNG0/00:00:00,319,F,13050,’$É,0/00:47:14,TNG0/00:31:56,244,F,13263,ð,,0/04:54:52,0/00:14:39,210,R,0012,LFST,0/11:25:43,0/00:14:40,588,R,5329,S.Õ

The file was written through AIFP and was compiled correctly! And so written the Bgl is not readable by the simulator.
When the simulator starts, an MS-DOS page opens quickly and I can not read it! I do not know where to retrieve this error file.

Can you help me ?



Resource contributor
First of all, it's not clear how you produced the text formatted file you show in your post. That text file appears to have been encoded as ANSI, not ASCII. However, that should not make any difference to PV3/4 since PV3/4 operates off the .bgl.

Please detail, step-by-step, what you did to generate that file and provide the bgl files that you started with and compiled.

I open AIFP and I will fetch Aircraft / Add Single Aircraft to list.

I inform the Aircraft by fetching the device in the delocalized folder P3D v4_Externes / Simobjects.

AIFP validates the Aircraft.Cfg

I then open the action "Start New FP" and I fill in the fields as indicated on the screen

I validate the operation by clicking Add FP to List and the FP is backed up without any problem.

Then I compile the FlightPlans in Scenery / World / Scenery of P3D v3. AIFP validates the compilation.

And when I decompile the Bgl with TTools.exe the operation happens correctly.

But I find the same problem for reading the Flightplan !


EDIT : Out of curiosity I decompiled with AIFPC, and I have a perfect file as you can see


EDIT 2 : my error certainly comes from what I used TTools.exe
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Resource contributor
I'm still missing something. The file image you sent was not generated by AIFP immediately after compile. Does AIFP load that text file? If so, what's the problem. It appears you've attempted to open that text file (which appears to be encoded ANSI) as ASCII.