FS2004 .Air file editor for payware aircraft?

Morning All

As the thread title says, I am looking for an .air file editor that I can use for tweaking the .air files for payware aircraft.
Can any one offer suggestions?

A very good .air file manager I use is Aircraft Airfile Manager, v2.2.
It may be downloaded here: AAM v2.2 here

It contains much better explanations of each entry in the .airfile, better graphical displays of the graph type entries, and the ability to make changes to them, and see those changes immediately, rather than having to shut down and reload the .air file, like you do in AirEd.
It's just more sophisticated, and useful, IMO, than AirEd is. It doesn't have a Save As feature, though, so there's no changing the .air file name during editing. I've also yet to figure out if it can cut-n-paste an entry from one .air file to another, which is easy and simple in AirEd.
Like anything, it has it's pluses and minuses, but over-all, I find it much preferable to AirEd for use on .air files.

all just my opinion, though...
Thanks for the replies Guys

Sorry if I did not make my self clear.
I need an editor program that will allow me to legally sell the aircraft after using the editor to tweak the .air file. I use Air Wrench for freeware. I need a comercial .air file editor.

This is my first payware venture. I do not need to create a new .air file, just edit a couple of gauge entries.

AirEd would work fine to do the editing, but there is the legal problem.

So how do payware developers edit .air files? The only thing I can see to do is, edit the .air file and put it up for free download, and use the original .air file in the sales model. Then put a link to the download in the read me.



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First: good for you for actually taking note of and implementing the original author's wishes.

Secondly, if it's only gauge entries that are giving you stick, you can do them by hand. The panel.cfg file is a pure text file. What is the problem?
As far as I know, the only gauge that the .air file has to do with is the airspeed gauge. There is also an entry that can affect the brakes, but the aircraft.cfg over-rides the .air file for them.
There are entries required for proper aircraft icing conditions to exist, and there is a gauge out to indicate icing conditions exist, same for afterburners, which are sometimes controlled by gauge files.

I think there are entries for the EGT gauge too, but those might be for CFS, or FS2002, or something.

Overall, though, the .airfile really doesn't have anything to do with gauges. Those are all in the panel.cfg file, and generally either .gau, .dll, or XML files. Really, though, they might read info from the .air files settings, but that's about it...

Good fortune in your project, though :D
Now that you guys mention it, I guess I will be editing an engine entry in the air file. The oil temperature gauge is the problem child. The .xml gauge displays the temp running too hot by a few degrees. There are a couple of other items I want to "tweak and see what happens" I can't recall what right now, I have not flown the model for a couple of months. I have been putting a scenery package together for Rob Barendregt's new space flightmodel for the Pendercrafts Jupiter 2 in FSX. My design time is limited I have to focus on one project at a time. In returning to this Corsair Birdcage project I am trying to put this last Pendercrafts model to bed so I can move on to other projects.

Many Thanks for the well wishes!

Hi Carl,

AAM is able to be used for freeware and commercial purposes without restriction; it says so on the front page of the user manual which comes with the download. You could just use that to do what you need.

Good luck!