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FS2004 Airbus H225/H225M

Hi lads

It's As I mentioned in the "I'm working on aircraft" forum, this is a humble begining for this beautiful helicopter. All shapes are hard to get and she has a lot of details.

I'd like to share with you a few more captures:

The control meshes:
Airbus EC725 Caracal 00.jpg

Airbus EC725 Caracal 01.jpg

Now, turbosmooth modifier has been applied. I will try to optimize everything as I go:

Airbus EC725 Caracal 02.jpg

Airbus EC725 Caracal 03.jpg

Airbus EC725 Caracal 04.jpg

Still a long way to go, but I like what I have so far.

Thank you and see'ya all next time.
Good day!

Another small update to keep things interesting here. Well, I managed to almost finish the overall exterior design and today, I began with the interior:

From the exterior mesh, this time I didn't use the "shell modifier" to create this. I took the entire mesh and flipped all polygons in order to use it as needed. For starter, I took and arbitrary offset value for the inner panels width.
Fortunatelly, I was carefully enough to realize that the cabin floor isn't in the same height than the floor panel located in the cockpit:


I began with the left panel with single column of polygons and went from there. I learned how to use the "Procutter" in 3ds max and took advantage of it in the fuselage rear. That's how I got the shape of the floor panel next to the tailboom.


Also, here and there I added more details. In the fuselage I worked my way to have the overall design of the landing gear (my first time doing it and it has been a real pain in the but to get at least a decent image of the details).
Of course, I need to adjust some diameters in the struts and refine it more. From my favorite 3ds max instructor on the web (Arrimus 3D), I learned the advantages of working with instances; very useful!!! I have mine hiden and modelled perfectly perpendicular to the main axes. The instances in weird angles, still have the transformations intact; however, I will map the original instances in a neat position! That's the reason I highly recommend to use instances. No more nasty angles in the UV layouts!


Here she is like I left her a few moments ago:


We are getting there, aren't we? ;)

Thank you and c'ya later.


Resource contributor
This machine reminds me of lots of memories in the back with the door open like in the movies !:D
EC725 (caracal) suffers from insufficiently powerful engine the payload is only a few hundred kilograms due to the armor and the port gunners
Hello lads

Another update: This time, the interior. The basic cabin and cockpit layout are both done; however, the lack of graphical material for the overall shapes is overwhelming.
Sadly, for this reason, I need to "improvise" with measurement aproximation in almost very single piece (meaning: a lot of artistic licence will take place... :confused:).

Well, there you go:






Greetings and be well.
Howdy lads

I've been jumping from one place to another... The central console is proven to be a real hasle (way too much details in order to achieve something... decent). On the other hand, the tail rotor has been refined; I'd say it is almost finished.
In any event, here we go with some captures.

As you might notice, the tail rotor isn't a piece of cake...

However, I am doing my best to have a nice rendition of it:

Another angle:

Finally, what I've done so far with the central console and the dashboard panel. Some pieces and parts aren't not rendered, this is because they are instances still to be mapped (by the way, I brought back my collection of switches which may or not be
in the final model... who knows what's useful!!! :duck::duck::duck:)

My kindest regards to MTO84 for all help provided so far, a big thank you my friend!.

Thanks and be well.
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G'day lads!

Now the real pain begins... UV mapping and textures 🥶. I finished the overall color scheme of the tail rotor and here is how it sees now:

A closer look to the main details (I am regreting now the high level of detail; it looks great at this distance... Some people never learn 🤬).


Anyway, I hope you like it.

For a while, crocodile.