FSXA Aircraft beacon/beacon splash issue

Hello kind folk, I will apologize in advance for the long post but here goes,

I am trying to create a beacon/beacon splash effect for my aircraft in FSXA DX10 project but have run into a problem, namely,
The splash is an attachpoint effect animated to remain at ground level as the aircraft climbs out and the beacon is named in the .cfg file (this is because an attachpoint effect does not emit light on the underside of the aircraft).
My first issue is that even though both .fx files are essentially the same, only different uvw coordinates, they fall out of phase after about 5 minutes on the ground.
My next issue is that if you switch off the beacon light and switch it on again, it appears that the attachpoint effect even though extinguished, continues to fire invisibly in the background so that when you switch the beacon on again, they are once again out of phase.
Are there any known workarounds for this problem. I have searched and searched but have come up with nothing. Is there any way to stop the attachpoint effect from firing once switched off or alternatively is there any way to make an attachpoint effect emit light as the
two don't seem to want to co-exist.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,
Many thanks in advance.
Regards, TJ